How to open your spa salon

RegisterSPA-salon in the tax authorities and purchase a license. The license is issued by the Federal Service for Supervision of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation. This process can be entrusted to specialized firms and thus save time and effort.
Choose a future room for yourSPA-salon. Areasalondepends on speciesSPA-services that you will provide to customers. CompleteSPA- the lounge area should be at least 100 sq.m. If you want to openSPA- lounge outside the city limits, besides the total areasalon, need a place for hotel rooms. When choosing a room, pay great attention to its appearance, in which area of ​​the city it is located, and what shops, beauty salons, and shopping centers surround it. For countrySPA-salonconsider the proximity of thermal or mineral springs, they should be within walking distance.
Purchase the necessary equipment forSPA-salon. The minimum set of equipment includes: dressing area, reception, hot tub, sauna, bath, various equipment for thalassotherapy, mud therapy, beauty and massage room, equipment for a phytobar.
Hire staff. The specialistsSPA-salonmust necessarily have a medical education. Also for full workSPA-salontechnical staff and managers need to be hired. If you do not want to burden yourself with a rather long and complicated hiring process, you can transfer this function to a recruitment agency.
Carry out advertising campaigns. If you are not strong in marketing and do not have sales skills, it is advisable to conclude a contract with an advertising company. Always remember that the main incomeSPA-salondepends on the number of loyal customers. Therefore, develop various bonus programs, enter discount cards, arrange raffles with prizes for regular visitors. This will help you not only to keep loyal customers, but also to attract new ones.

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