How to open the power point

You will need
  • - Business plan;
  • - the room;
  • - Design project;
  • - Permissions of instances;
  • - Equipment;
  • - The staff.
Develop the concept of the institution - the main idea of ​​the future pointpower supply. It is necessary to ensure that the name, design, design and menu were in the same style. In addition, cafes or restaurants that have their own "chips" are much easier to promote. And finally, the developed concept is necessary to become a prototype of the technical task. After all, it will display everything that you want to get in the end from the designer, chef and other professionals involved in the opening stage.
Write a business plan. Without it, it will be extremely difficult for you to plan all business processes occurring both during the project launch and later. Be sure to make a list of requirements for the room, because real estate agencies should look for interesting options for you. The lower the average check and the more seats are planned in a future establishment, the more important it is to be in the passage.Also consider zoning. If we are talking about a building in the historic center of the city, it may very well be that they will not allow you to make significant changes. So choose immediately according to your own needs.
Order the design project of the hall, as well as the design of the door and window panels. It is always better if one designer does it. At least, the unity of styles is observed. Technical design is usually done by another company, with it you can enter into a contract for construction work. Laying of engineering communications should be coordinated with the placement of technological equipment, which is better to entrust the company where you acquire it. In some cases, this work is provided as a bonus.
Get permissive documentation of fire inspection and Rospotrebnadzor. At the same time you can begin to develop a menu. If you already have a chef, this work should be assigned to him. Discovering a smallthe pointpower supply, very often in the staff list do not provide for this expensive unit. In this case, the development of the menu is entrusted to a consulting company, which will take into account all your requirements and, having compiled the menu, will conduct a training for cooks.By the way, in the same company, you can order the development of service standards (and good service should be even in small establishments), hiring line personnel and promotion.

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