"How to marry a bachelor" and another 4 class premieres of the week

Nikolai Gogol understands his love, his own death, the murderer of innocent girls Horseman and other evil spirits. The final full-length part of the franchise about the adventures of the young clerk Nikolai Gogol is all the same ironic kitsch and duping in the nose of the school program. What is Alexander Petrov with his Slavic appearance in the role of a long-nosed clerk with a classic quads!

If you missed the first two films, in any case, do not tune in to the film adaptation of Gogol. This movie is pure hooliganism, zombie horror, mystical thriller and comedy in one bottle. If you are disappointed after the least vigorous second film, rejoice: the third part, perhaps, the most fascinating of all.

"How to marry a bachelor"

A good romcom with sex icons twenty years old.

Producer:Victor Levin
Cast:Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, Greg Lucy

Judging by the fact that even for a romantic comedy Kianu did not get rid of his beard, he will not shave ever.However, the beard is something to the point, the hero of Reeves is a sarcastic misanthrope, a grumbler and a chronic bachelor who, at a friend's wedding, meets with another single guest (Winona Ryder).

Twenty-year-old sex icons look pretty shabby, but, to their credit, they don’t try to seem younger. They should be so - disappointed, with a bunch of mistakes and failures in the past. Winona hysteria and drinks, Keanu frowns in displeasure. Perfect pair!

"From Naples with love"

Cinema, where the main characters - Naples and the Neapolitan boy.

Producer:Gianluca Ansanelli
Cast:Serena Rossi, Georgia Agata, Eleonora Albrecht, Enzo Attanasio, Enzo Casertano

The Neapolitan boy, Chiro, who lost his father, goes to the psychologist Tommaso, who finds out that Chiro’s sufferings are not connected with thanatos, but with eros. The boy is completely in love with a new classmate. Schooler Chiro instigates a psychologist on a deal: he helps him make friends with the girl, and Chiro brings Tommaso with his beautiful mother.

Each movie about Italy can be watched only because of Italy, instead of a micro holiday. Anyone who has ever seen the Gulf of Naples, covered with haze,I walked along narrow streets lined with linen, chose fruits on the market and communicated with Neapolitans full of special expressive charm, he would like to repeat it again and again.

"Not gonna get us"

Talented actors in the obscure casino movie.

Producer:Marie Monge
Cast:Tahar Rahim, Stacy Martin, Bruno Volkovich, Karim Leklu

In the bar, where Ella works as a waitress (“Nymphomaniac star” Stacy Martin), the charming Abel (Tahar Raheem) comes and gets stuck there till night. Between the young people, a spark is clearly slipping, but closer to the night, when Ella took the proceeds, Abel snatches a bag of money from the girl and runs off her feet. Abel needs money to play in a casino, because he is a painfully gambling player - it is this passion that draws Ella and Abel more than mutual attraction.


Another post-apocalypse with flashbacks in normal life.

Producer:Mathieu Turi
Cast:Brittany Ashworth, Gregory Fetussi, Javier Botet, Jay Benedict, David Gasman

After the terrible virus mowed the Earth, the survivors are forced to fight for their existence. Their worst enemy is vile creatures, half-bomb, afraid of light.Juliet's girlfriend is trying to survive alone. In between, she remembers the pre-apocalyptic peaceful life and her relationship with the pretty gallery owner Jack.

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