How to make thin hair bulky

So, the most common way to make hair bigger is a multi-layered haircut. Such a properly chosen haircut will add not only pomp, it also looks stylish and fashionable.

Before any manipulation of the hair you need to wash your head. In order to add volume to thin hair, before styling, the hair should be washed with shampoo for volume, and then use a balm for the volume of hair of the same brand. To make the hair more docile and shiny, you can apply a mask.

The next well-known method is hair dryer and hair curlers. If you have a multi-layered haircut, then it should be laid using brushing from the roots to the ends. Before laying on the hair, you can apply a special mousse for the volume of hair. You should not apply gel on thin hair, as it weights the hair. Brashing can be used in different diameters. Hot air dryer should be directed from above to the comb, while pulling the hair.When drying the tips can be bent both inwards and outwards. Before drying, do not forget to apply a heat spray, because there is a risk to burn hair.

Laying on the curler requires a little more time and patience. Apply a little mousse or styling liquid to washed, wet hair. Wind the curler from the end to the root, tightly pressing the hair. The curlers can be used in different sizes and diameters, depending on what kind of curl I would like to receive. After you have screwed the whole head, you can wrap the curlers a little with a hairdryer, as a result, the winding time will be significantly reduced. At the end of the installation, twisted or laid hair can be slightly brushed at the roots for larger volume. However, you should not overdo it, otherwise your hairstyle may look like a beehive.

There are many salon procedures for creating volume on thin hair. One such procedure is lamination. It will make thin and sparse hair not only bulky, but also more thick and shiny. In conclusion, you can draw several conclusions. In order to add volume to thin hair, it is necessary to lift them at the roots.To achieve a greater result, you can comb your hair and fix the hair with lacquer. Varnish should be sprayed at a distance of about 30 cm and preferably under the hair roots. You need to splash quite a bit, otherwise the hair will stick together. Before leaving, you can also apply a little spray to the hair on the finished styling.

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