How to make syrup

How to make syrupSo how to make syrup?

Raw material For the preparation of syrups in canning production, sugar is used. Sugar entering the production must be dry, without lumps and impurities, contain not less than 99.75% sucrose, ashes - not more than 0.03%.


Sugar should be completely dissolved in water, forming a clear solution. Sugar and its aqueous solution should be free of foreign taste and odor. The color of the crystals is white with glitter.


Sugar is packed in jute bags weighing 50- 60 kg. Store in dry rooms with a relative humidity of not more than 70%.


Technological process. Sugar is sifted on a Pioneer sifter, passed through a magnetic separator to remove ferrous impurities, weighed and poured into a double-walled boiler, where drinking water is poured in an amount exceeding the calculated one by 1%.


Sugar syrup is prepared in various concentrations for several groups of canned fruit. Compotes, jams, jams, jelly, jams, fruit mixes, fruit juices blended and with pulp, beverages, candied fruits, fruit soups.The concentration of sugar canned fruit syrup is given below.


Heat the syrup with stirring. After the sugar has completely dissolved, the syrup is clarified by adding food albumin in a dose of 4 kg per 100 kg of sugar or egg whites (from 4 eggs per 100 kg of sugar). Then the syrup is brought to a boil, the foam formed is removed and filtered through a fabric or mesh filter with a hole diameter of not more than 0.5 mm.


In the absence of albumin and egg proteins, the syrup is allowed to stand for 1 hour and filtered.


The clarification of sugar syrup is an obligatory technological method for making jam, compotes, jellies and candied fruits, filtering is recommended for the remaining canned fruit.


The mass fraction of sugar in the finished syrup is determined using a refractometer or a hydrometer by density.


For fruit diet canned food instead of sugar, its substitutes are used - sorbitol and xylitol. When preparing food, sorbitol is cleaned, broken into pieces weighing 200-300 g. Xylitol is sifted on a sifter with a sieve diameter of 2 mm.


The processes of cooking, clarification and filtration of xylitol and sorbitol syrups are carried out according to the technology of sugar syrup.

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