How to make money on refueling

You will need
  • - sponge;
  • - a container with water;
  • - glass cleaner.
Always be at the gas station and watch the cars approaching. If there are few machines at the gas station, service each of them, since this is part of your job duties. You can not do this only in one case: if the driver expressed a desire to fill his car himself. Try to be friendly and polite. Often, regular customers remember certain tankers and prefer them to be served. Of course, tips are stable in this case.
Perform additional services for customers. One of the most common is a quick wash of the windshield, headlights and license plates. Keep on hand a set of necessary devices: a special sponge, a container of water, a means to shine glasses. In order not to do the work in vain, be sure to ask the client if he needs your services. As a rule, the price of such work is not stipulated, and the visitor gives you any amount at their discretion. However, you should have the answer to the question of how much your service will cost.
In rainy or cold weather, ask the client not to leave the car at all. Many car owners will not mind if you yourself go to the cashier, and then bring them a check and change. As a rule, in this case, you can count on tips.
If there are very few customers, do some extra work. You can clean the snow, sweep the territory, unload the incoming goods, do other household chores. Negotiate in advance with the management of refueling payment of such labor.
Learn additional car maintenance skills: changing and adding oil, checking tire pressure. If your gas station is quite large and is located on a busy highway, such services can be quite demanded.
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Helpful advice
Try to dress in such a way that you are warm, but it is easy to move. So you can increase the amount of time you are directly at the fuel dispensers.

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