How to make a tank of socks do it yourself

Do you want to surprise your loved one with an original gift for February 23? This is not as difficult as it seems, if you approach the matter with creative enthusiasm. Even the usual socks can be presented very creatively. How to do it? Create an unusual craft with them - a tank made from socks. The photo and video have all the recommendations for creating an unusual gift for February 23. Such a gift will not be ashamed to be presented to any man: husband, son, father, brother, friend.

How to make a tank of socks do it yourself


To make a tank of socks with your own hands on February 23, will not require any complex and rare materials. For the original crafts, you should take:

  • 4 pairs of men's socks (you can use the same and different color versions);
  • 1 cocktail tube to form the tank bore (can be replaced with a ballpoint pen);
  • 5 thin elastic bands, as for banknotes;
  • wide satin ribbon.

That's all. As you can see, to create with your own hands an unusual gift from socks for a representative of the strong half, nothing complicated and rare is needed.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a tank of socks

The whole creative process of creating a tank of socks takes about 5-10 minutes, and a step-by-step master class with photos will help to avoid mistakes in the work. But such a gift on February 23 will be out of competition and will definitely be remembered.

Step 1- Need to prepare socks. Total should take 4 pairs. Optimal use of socks without emblems and logos. But if they were not found, it does not matter. They can be twisted so that no extraneous inscriptions will not be visible.


Step 2- Now you need to spread 4 socks in a row. The heel should look up.


Step 3- Each sock needs to be rolled up by a dense roll. All blanks individually overtighten with rubber. These are the future tank tracks.


Step 4- Next you need to make a tank tower. To do this, take 1 or 2 sock. It all depends on the thickness of the product. If socks are thin, then you need to use 2 socks.


Step 5- To create a turret, you only need to wrap one sock around the second. That's the workpiece for the original gift is ready.


Step 6- Now you need to completely form the tracks of an improvised tank. To do this, you need to deploy one sock and place on it 4 previously created rolls. They are the top and turn around with this toe. Caterpillar tank ready.


Step 7- A tower is installed on top, which was pre-folded, and a cocktail tube is inserted.

On a note! A muzzle for a tank can be made from a writing pen.


Step 8- The design of the gift is overtightened with a rubber band.


Step 9- It remains only to decorate the gift with satin ribbon. It can be of any color. It is better to place over the gum.


That's all! A practical and nontrivially presented gift for February 23 is ready. Give such a gift just will not be ashamed. The souvenir is guaranteed to cause a smile and create a great mood.

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