How to make a steam engine?

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How to make a steam engine?

Mechanical engineering began with the production of a steam engine. It was a start to develop modern cars. So why not go back to basics and feel like the first inventor of the motor? In addition, it can be done at home with your own hands.

Engine manufacturing technology

Before you start developing your creation, you need to prepare materials that can be useful, as well as learn some instructions in order to have an idea of ​​how to make a steam engine. This is not a very simple task, but it can be resolved.

To invent a motor for a functioning steam locomotive, of course, will not work, but a small home steam engine will definitely work. There are several ways to create a home steam engine. Those who decide to try themselves in the home workshop for the first time can make a simple, but working engine.

  1. To make a steam engine with your own hands, it takes 2 cans of canned corn.Sizes fit perfectly. Take both containers, cut off their covers. One bank is not needed, it can be thrown away. Requires only its cover. The second jar needs to be cleaned up at the point where the cover is cut. This can be done with a file. If there is a "grinder", use it for stripping the cut. Now clean the edges of both covers in the same way.
  2. Take the nut. To her need to pick up the bolt. Prepare a tube of metal. Cut a hole in the lid into which you need to build a nut, attach a bolt to it. The distance between the lid and the nut, if this remains, you need to solder. You also need to make another hole for the tube. In the end, it should turn out like this: a cap with a built-in nut and tube.
  3. Take the jar prepared in advance. Solder the fixture consisting of a cap, a nut and a metal tube to it. The boiler for the engine is ready.
  4. Now you need to cook the turbine. To do this, take the second cooked lid from the can. In the middle of this circle you need to cut a hole, along the edge - cuts. It is necessary to cut in such a way that a semblance of a flower is obtained. To the center of the cover is not necessary to cut. Just cut a little - 2-3 centimeters.Now from this cover you need to make something like a fan. To do this, it is necessary to bend the tin at the places in the middle of the cuts.
  5. It is necessary to prepare the handle for the turbine. This can be done with an iron plate. It should look like a ruler about centimeters by 10. It needs to be bent, making the letter “p” from this plate. Now on the "legs" of the bent plate make holes. Check these holes must be through, exactly opposite each other.
  6. Now you need to weld the turbine to the boiler. To do this, prepare an iron tube. It must be attached to the hole, which was prepared on the lid - the turbine. Then in the tube you need to determine the iron twig. It must be thinner than the diameter of the tube. Insert the ends of the rod into the holes on the handle - iron letter "p". Solder.
  7. Now you need to connect all the available parts of the motor. Take the pre-cooked pot. The iron tube, which is located on the boiler lid, must “look” at the turbine blades, without closing the place where the nut is located. Weld.
  8. Now how to make a homemade steam engine so that it comes into action? Through the “nut” hole, pour water into the newly-made boiler. Seal this hole with a bolt. Now you need to bring the water in the boiler to a boil.The steam that goes from the tube in the boiler will cause the turbine to spin. Now you have a small, but quite functional steam engine.

Find some details of how to make a steam engine, video and other notes can be on the Internet on thematic sites and in various blogs.

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