How to make a rejuvenating cleansing of the face and neck

You will need
  • - one yolk;
  • - a teaspoon of honey;
  • - a tablespoon of olive oil;
  • - one teaspoon of salt and soda;
  • - a cup of soap suds (whipped shaving cream);
  • - two cotton napkins or terry towels, preferably with slotted holes for the eyes, nose and mouth.
Cleansing and steaming face and neck skin
First of all, you need to clean the skin of the face and neck in its usual way - with milk, lotion or just to wash with soap or foam. Mix the yolk, honey, olive oil and apply the mixture on clean skin. Wet the napkin in hot water, squeeze well and put on face. Within 20 minutes periodically change the wipes, keeping them hot. Wash off the rest of the mixture with warm water.
Face and neck cleaning
In the soap suds add salt and soda, mix quickly. Scoop the mixture with the fingers of both hands, distribute over the entire face and neck and massage the skin for 10 minutes along the massage lines.Eye area does not affect! Movement should be intense, but light, so as not to injure the skin. A slight reddening will indicate that the procedure is performed correctly.
Final stage
Carefully wash off all that remains on the skin with warm water. Next, lubricate the face and neck with their usual cream. The effect of the procedure will be noticeable after a few hours, when the skin is rested and restored.

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