How to make a real friendship out of sex

But what if sex is so beautiful, and everything that happens in your free time from sex, is also no less beautiful, and you seriously want this adventure to flow into something? Examples of successful treatment of a sex friend in a constant boyfriend near you for sure will find a lot - both from movies and from girlfriends, but how in practice to completely change the whole meaning of your communication with a person and transfer an ardent affair to a long-playing union?

Start with an honest approach.

At times, it seems that everyone around is so easy to practice sex in the absence of feelings, that you feel like at least a retrograde Turgenev girl who is still embarrassed to call the guy first. In fact, friendship sex is not at all such an easy scenario, as it seems, and the belief that everyone can easily afford it is a pure self-deception. It works attachment, a sense of comfort, hormones, finally. What is this supposed to tell you? If your friend sex has been delayed, then the chances that your partner “got hooked”, but delicately silent about it, are very, very high.

Add an unexpected bonus to casual sex.

Sex friends are usually seen according to the standard "accelerated" scheme: a quick snack, a couple of glasses of something alcoholic - and to the point. And you add a share of a date to your own sex scheme for friendship: prepare dinner instead of ordering pizza at home, schedule a movie or dare to pull your sex friend somewhere outside the house - to the theater, to the exhibition, to the concert. To his surprised expression, say that you have a white stripe in your life - you have been promoted at work or something like that.

How to make a real friendship out of sex

Start moving from aimless chatter to therapeutic

What did you say before / after sex? About the euro course, sheets from IKEA and websites for job search? And now change the themes from the Facebook ribbon to conversations like in a chair with a psychotherapist, with only one condition: you, as an interested person in a relationship, will speak little, but listen to many and slyly. As a result, if your sex friend talks, then immediately you will feel a pleasant relief, as if you became a little closer to him mentally.

Practice brazenly shirking sex dates

This trick must be performed only after the above two tactics, but in no case not in the first place, or else your sex friend will simply decide that you have found someone better, and by itself "fall off". Delicately deny him the planned passionate meetings, motivating it with the affairs of your new happy life (you were promoted in the second point at work, do not forget!), But alternate the courteous "Oh, today I just can not" with anticipating "But next Thursday certainly ".

How to make a real friendship out of sex

Try to flirt with him in public

Take his hand, whisper something pleasant in his ear, sit down closer at dinner. Do not push, but when approaching the goal in any of the ways listed above, follow the response. If she gives signs of positive, then you can not linger with a sincere confession: I can not love, and that's enough to pretend.

Do not play dirty games

Do not expect that the scheme “I will make him jealous and he will understand what he is losing” will work in your case. Maybe in some comedies and tragedies (but obviously not Shakespeare's) this tactic was successful, but most adequate men will simply decide that it's time for you to leave alone.And do not try to turn yourself into a jealous, predatory and meticulous girlfriend with complaints - the fact that you claim ownership of someone does not mean that someone agrees to everything.

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