How to make a pompon of thread?

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How to make a pompon of thread?

Pompons are widely used in handicrafts. They decorate a variety of products - rugs, curtains, slippers, scarves, mittens, hats and so on. Therefore, many craftsmen are interested in how to make pompons from threads.

Let us consider in detail the process of their manufacture, we will focus on several options.

Necessary materials

Before you make a pompon with your own hands, you need to prepare the following:

  • compass;
  • cardboard (must have a high density);
  • paper glue;
  • scissors;
  • thread of the desired color.

Instructions for making pom-pom

Now consider how to make a pom-pom from threads:

  1. Take a cardboard and with a compass draw a circle on it. It should have such a diameter, which is necessary for the pom-pom.
  2. Cut 4 identical circles out of cardboard. Make holes in them (3-4 cm in diameter) and connect each two blanks to each other with glue. Leave them for 15-20 minutes so that she grabs well.
  3. Make a small cut on each cardboard mug (width 0.8-1 cm) and then join them together, but you do not need to glue them.
  4. Take the thread and start wrapping them with the workpiece.It is necessary to ensure that there are no gaps between the coils. Threads should go exactly without overlaps. It is desirable to prepare the threads in advance -pompontwist them into a bundle. Then they will be much better wound on a cardboard blank. In addition, all work will go much faster.
  5. Fully wrapped cardboard circle, cut the thread and tie it.
  6. To get a lush and beautiful pompon, you must continue to wind the resulting blank, but with a whole bunch of threads. To do this, take 4-5 lengths of 1-3 m, connect them and start wrapping a circle. You can thread the thread through the hole in it with your hands. If this is inconvenient to do, use a regular crochet hook.
  7. It is necessary to continue wrapping the cardboard blank until the hole in it is completely closed with thread.
  8. In the next step you need to take the scissors and cut the threads in a circle of the blank. Do this as carefully as possible, so that later you don’t need to trim the pom-pom around the edges.
  9. Carefully spread the circles, and between them thread the thread and fix the cut threads tightly with it.
  10. Remove the cardboard blanks and fan the pompom, which you can immediately decorate any product.


If you need to make small pompons, then you can use this instruction:

  1. Take the fork and wind the necessary amount of thread on its teeth.
  2. Tie the resulting billet with thread, which pass between the middle teeth of the cutlery.
  3. Cut the workpiece on the sides, and then fluff and trim whenHow to make a pompon from threadsof necessity. The little pompon is ready and you can use it to your liking.

You can create a pompon of any size without any available tools. This will help you the following instructions:

  1. Begin to wind on the palm of the thread. Wind smoothly, make sure that there are no gaps.
  2. When you see that a sufficient amount of thread is wound on your hand, then tie them up by passing the thread along them.
  3. Cut in the middle of the workpiece, fluff the resulting pompon and trim its length.

Please note that you can make such products not only from single-colored threads, you can combine different colors - then the pompons will turn out bright and original. It is important that they are in harmony with the product, which will later be decorated.

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