How to make a high pressure pump

You will need
  • - brake chamber;
  • - plywood;
  • - solder;
  • - soldering iron;
  • - brass pipes;
  • - Moment glue;
  • - stainless wire;
  • - epoxy adhesive;
  • - rubber diaphragm;
  • - brass rod;
  • - duralumin tube;
  • - corrugated pipe;
  • - brackets;
  • - a log;
  • - sleeve with valves;
  • - ring diaphragms;
  • - metal rings;
  • - cord.
Make a diaphragm pump, with which you can supply water to a height of six meters. The performance of this pump is three buckets per minute. To begin, disassemble the brake chamber, then plug the holes located at the bottom of this chamber, and also make two additional holes for fixing the valves. Make valves from small brass tubes: solder individual parts of this design. The springs in the valves are made of stainless steel wire. Valves secure with epoxy glue.Then attach the brass rod to the rubber diaphragm, and the diaphragm itself must be securely attached to the body of the brake chamber with bolts and nuts. And finally, make a lever out of the duralumin tube: it will activate the whole mechanism.
Make a water pump that can pump water from a nearby river or lake. Drive a steady pile into the bottom of the river, on which fasten two brackets. Put a piece of corrugated pipe to one bracket, and fasten a log on the second (the log should be in the water). Attach the other end of the corrugated pipe to the floating log. On both sides, this piece of corrugated pipe must be closed with bushings with valves. The principle of operation of this pump is as follows: under the influence of the oncoming wave, the log rises upwards, then falls, compressing and unclenching the corrugated pipe, which actuates the valves and the pump starts to work. The performance of such a water pump is from 25 to 100 tons of water per day.
Make a water diaphragm pump. To do this, tighten the annular diaphragms using metal rings with bolts.Instead of the inner rings, install metal circles with holes in the diaphragms. Then weld the brackets to these circles, which you connect together with a cord (the cord is necessary in order to limit the stretching of the rope). After that, connect the annular diaphragms with the valve boxes, and attach the “ears” to their upper flanges: it is on them that the lever will be attached, which connect to the log in the water.

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