How to make a fridge magnet with your own hands

You will need
  • - coffee beans;
  • - thermogun;
  • - mock knife;
  • - natural twine;
  • - glue "Titan";
  • - corrugated cardboard;
Draw a sketch of horses on paper. Transfer the images of horses through carbon paper on corrugated cardboard.
Cut the outer contour with scissors and the inner parts with a breadboard knife so that the horses do not deform and bend.
Prepare a twine for making rocking horses. On the edge of the image of the horse, spread the glue "Dragon" (Titan), you can use any other strong transparent glue. Begin to glue the twine from the edge to the center, running it along the silhouette (in a circle).
Gradually fill the entire horse with string, placing the threads close to each other. Cut the twine from the coil only at the very end of the work, when the horse image is completely filled.
Allow the stock to dry for about 10 minutes.Then glue coffee grains with a hot gun ("Titan"), depicting a mane, tail, eye, hooves. At will lay out a flower from seeds on a breast.
For a horse with a big heart, it is necessary to cut small pieces of twine and glue the mane, tail and hooves first. Then lay out in a circle with a solid string of twine snout, after having smeared the places of gluing with "Titan".
Paint a brown gouache heart so that the coffee beans do not shine through the light cardboard. Decorate the blank with coffee grains, placing them on the heart. On the back of the stick a magnet.

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