How to make a clay mask

First, decide which clay you need. For example, green is rich in zinc and copper ions, therefore it has a good effect on inflamed oily skin. Clay red and pink is good for dry skin. Blue is famous for its rich mineral composition, and white for its deep effect on the skin.
Dissolve the clay for the mask in cool and clear water. Stir very carefully, the structure of the mixture should be uniform. Do not allow lumps to remain. The desired consistency - like a thick cream.
Clean the skin of the face and neck, spread it with a thick layerclay. Do not applymaskon the area around the eyes: there are no sebaceous glands, so the skin is very dry and delicate, therefore, the clay will adsorb moisture and not fat.
Holdmaskno more than 20 minutes for oily skin, 10 for normal and 5 for dry. Do not wait for the clay to dry completely on the skin. Otherwise, it may lead to drying of the face and neck.

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