How to make a chest in Minecraft?

How to make a chest in Minecraft?Quite often it happens that after a long pastime in the game you simply have no place to put your things. However, this is Minecraft, where the exit can be found from any situation. It is for such moments that chests were invented, which are not hard to craft at all.

How to make a chest in Maynkraft?

In the game, there are two ways to get this miracle store. For example, you can find it in some vaults or treasuries. Well, of course, you can craft such a chest yourself.

So, in order to get this item, we need eight boards. Place them on the workbench in the correct order and get the little chest.

Thus, we were able to make a single repository in which you can put 27 items. Please note that you can put chests on each other. And do not worry that you can not open them. You can not put on them only opaque blocks, because of which the lid will not open.

Craft Chests Chest

In addition, the game has the ability to make a dual storage. This is done easily - just put two chests next to each other.As it was possible to guess, 54 subjects are located here.

Various options for using the chest

This item can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also to create other items:

  • With the help of a chest, you can craft a trolley. Of course, for this you will need the trolley itself;
  • Create a car. Yes, oddly enough, it is the chest that is the main ingredient during the creation of your vehicle. In addition, you will need a power unit, four wheels and a few pieces of iron;
  • Make a chest-trap. For this you need a tension sensor;
  • Create a boot funnel - will have to get a few pieces of iron.

Create a boot funnel

Interesting facts about the chest

As you can see, this subject is very useful. Before you start doing them, let's look at some of the details regarding the repository:

  • You will not be able to open the chest if there is a pet sitting on it;
  • Do not move it with a piston;
  • During the Christmas holidays chests become fancy;
  • If you destroy a chest, no damage appears on it;
  • Sometimes it happens that the object opens and closes by itself;
  • In later versions of the game, you can get the donkey to drag your box;
  • In version 1.8, the box opens with the help of animation, which looks quite impressive. In addition, the developers have changed the appearance of a double chest.

Interesting facts about the chest

Thus, we have learned to create chests in Minecraft. This is a very useful item that can put in itself any materials that you do not use. In addition, the box can be used as an ingredient during the creation of other things.

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