How to make a bouquet of candy in the basket of the birth of a child?

Materials and tools:

- chocolates “Autumn Waltz”;

- booties;

- a soft toy in the form of a heart (or any other);

- satin ribbons;

- bead;

- material for curtains (tulle, tulle and soft felt);

- transparent packing paper;

- basket;

- foam (or floral sponge for flowers);

- glue gun;

- wire;

- small scotch;

  1. First make out the basket. Take a pink satin ribbon. On the edge of the tape we drop a few drops of the glue of the thermogun, we lean against the beginning of the basket handle from the inside, we press. Then we wrap a ribbon all over the handle. When the pen ends, cut the tape and glue it on the glue.
  2. Cut out the foam base equal to the bottom of the basket. Over the entire surface of the bottom of the foam, we coat it with glue, then insert it into the basket and press it. Foam stuck to the basket.
  3. We take a soft toy in the form of a heart and a small piece of wire.On the reverse side of the toy, at the seam insert the wire and bend, we get a loop. We insert a soft toy into the basket. We glue to the head of a soft toy a satin bow, and on a bow a bead.
  4. To booties from the bottom, too, attach the wire in the form of a loop and insert it into the foam.
  5. We make candy. We need small pieces of wire with a loop, so as not to pierce the chocolate candies, bend it to put candy on it. Cut into squares from transparent packaging. We wrap the sweets of the Autumn Waltz brand in a transparent package, insert a wire with an eyelet from below, twist the packaging over the wire, and wrap it on top with adhesive tape. The technique of execution resembles the technique of twisting candy chupa-chups. In this master class 15 chocolates are used.
  6. From the bottom of the candy do "skirt." It is done very simply. We cut squares or small rectangles from a tulle, a material of tulle and soft felt. In the middle we pierce with wire, we dress closer to the candy and fix it on the scotch tape.
  7. Satin ribbon bend in the middle and the remaining edges bend in half, you get "ears". At the base we substitute a wire and we fix on an adhesive tape.
  8. Between a soft toy and booties we insert chocolates and satin ribbons. From the back of the bouquet we do the same. At the edges of the basket handle we tie satin ribbons. At the top of the handle we tie a satin bow.

Our bouquet of sweets in a basket for the birth of a child is ready! This is an unusual and original gift.

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