How to look younger and more beautiful

Be cheerful and optimistic. Displeased facial expression, grief and doom can add age even to a young person. If you smile or laugh - do it from the heart. A general positive attitude and a positive perception of life will help you feel younger by a few years.
Watch your health. Annually undergo examinations, take vitamins, play sports. Sport not only helps to strengthen the muscles of the body, but in general has a positive effect on the skin condition. It will help to keep the body longer and the complexion bright. For the same purpose, take a douche and finish each wash with rinsing your face with cold water.
Choose the right hairstyle. The older a woman becomes, the longer she will add long hair. Short hair or medium length hair can make a face look fresher. Bangs will help to focus on the eyes, to divert attention from the lower part of the face.Pick the right color. The most suitable option is a couple of shades lighter than the natural hair color. Do not choose gray tones, they look like gray, and too bright shades or white color look unnatural.
Replace your usual tonal tool with a smoothing or lifting effect. Perform an audit in a beautician. With age, the best pastel shades of shades, blush and lipstick will look best. Prefer all sorts of shades of brown. In make-up, focus on the eyes, and choose calm shades for lips, use bright colors of lipstick with great care. Do not make the eyebrows too thin, let them be medium width with a soft and even bend.
Dress according to age. This does not mean that at a certain period of life you will have to give up beautiful dresses and wear a flannel robe with slippers. Just be sensible when choosing clothes. Neon colors, short skirts and platform shoes look good only on the young. Choose clothes that will highlight your strengths and hide disadvantages, add elegance and style to you.
Choose cosmetics from the anti-aging series, use serums, apply masks. Visit beauty salons for more effective anti-aging treatments. Sign up for a massage, with it you can not only improve your well-being, but also put your face and body in order: adjust the shape, give a fresh look to the face and reduce wrinkles. If you are not afraid of a scalpel, go to the clinic of aesthetic surgery - facial contour surgery significantly increases the difference between the flowering appearance and the number of years in your passport.

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