How to look like neon lipstick and nail polish

Neon shades of lacquer and lipstick became fashionable in the 1990s. Today, this beauty trend has changed. Mainly because neon cosmetics have gained a wide range of colors, in which acid shades prevail.

Neon Nail Polish

Bright luminous coating for nails, as a rule, is represented by pink, light green, blue, yellow and orange varnishes. Neon manicure looks unusual in ultraviolet light, so often lovers of this type are chosen by club party lovers. Luminous nail polish 100% make the image spectacular.If desired, to create a manicure, you can use several neon shades at once, decorating your nails with stripes, complex patterns or drawings.
Using neon nail polish is incredibly easy. It is enough to cover them completely with the nail plate or to draw any pattern. Glow in the dark can not only fluorescent, but phosphoric varnishes.However, they can not boast of the richness of the palette of shades and are transparent coatings that are applied to the colored varnish or without the use of the base.
It is best to apply neon varnish on the base - white matte varnish. So "candy" shade will look more saturated. Strengthen the effect of varnish with luminescence is possible by applying several layers. Do not forget about the appropriate fixing coating.

Lipstick with glow effect

Especially original looks neon manicure, complete with makeup, in which there is a glowing lipstick. Acid shades of such cosmetics require careful study of the image, they are optimally combined with natural colors, white, beige. You can choose to match the neon lipstick and lacquer as jewelry.
Luminous lipstick in its characteristics is similar to the usual decorative cosmetics for the lips, so you can not worry that it will adversely affect the skin. To meet tubes with neon lipstick and a varnish with the same effect it is possible in a lineup both expensive brands, and brands accessible to many at the price.One of the latest trends in the field of nail design has become multicolor - each nail for such a manicure is painted in a new neon shade.
Lipstick, glowing in the dark, suitable for girls with different shades of skin, hair. But when choosing a color it is best to follow the rules of the color type of the face. For a pale, as if porcelain skin, a frosty pink shade or fuchsia would be a good solution, and owners of dark skin should buy orange or coral neon lipstick.

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