How to level the floor?

Leveling the floor is probably the most important job of preparing the base for laying the flooring. The work on the alignment of the floor is very important, since the quality of the flooring flooring and, accordingly, its appearance and service life depend on the correctness of their performance.

Before describing the list of necessary measures for leveling the floor, it should be noted that depending on the material from which the base is made, the leveling technique will differ, and therefore another list of necessary works and materials.

Wooden floor.

The wooden base is found quite often, especially in the houses of Soviet construction. Usually, during their long service life, they have significant defects, and not only in terms of evenness. The main problem of the wooden base is the creaking and the game of individual boards. The reasons for which this happens a lot, but the elimination method is one if you do not take into account the capital alteration. This will be discussed at the end of the article.

And so, in order to level the level of sex and at the same time get rid ofdefects need to drag it. What it is? Hauling is not only its alignment, but also strengthening. If you correctly perform the waist, they will not only align and get rid of the defects, but also will last for many more years.

Strengthening performed with plywood. For this, sheets of plywood are laid on the base of the floor in a checkerboard pattern and secured with self-tapping screws. In some cases, two layers of plywood are needed. Usually this technique is used when laying laminate. However, it is also suitable for other flooring.

In general, such alignment work can be done by hand. They are not very labor intensive and complex. But as in other cases, there are some peculiarities. For more on this topic, see the article "Laying laminate on wooden floor."

Concrete base floor.

Today it is most common and is called a screed. Usually she does not have problems. But sometimes, especially if the screed is not done correctly, there may be defects such as height differences, bulges, pits. The methods of struggle are quite simple and banal. At the same time, by labor intensity, they are not much inferior or benefit from the work on leveling wooden floors.

Pits are filled with mortar. The solution can be prepared either independently, or purchase ready-made dry mix. In my opinion, the mixture is easier to buy, and the price will be the same. Bumps and bumps cut down. For this, you can use both a chisel and a hammer, and a perforator.

The situation is more complicated with leveling. The easiest way to solve this problem is using self-leveling floors. Modern blends are easy to use. Therefore, you can align the floor with your own hands. The only thing you should pay attention to is the thickness of the fill. The fact is that depending on this parameter there are various mixtures. Details of the features of working with filler floors can be found in the article "Till the floor with your own hands."

In conclusion, I would like to say a few words about the overhaul of the foundation. In general, there are several different base leveling technologies, using which you can create a high-quality and reliable floor. For details, see the section "Repair floors". Here we describe briefly.

Screed - the most durable and durable base. It is made of cement-sand mixture, sometimes using reinforcement.Suitable for any floor covering. Has such a variety as a self-leveling floor.

Dry screed - in fact, only the name is similar, in fact, is a bulk base, covered with sheet material, usually GVL. Can only be used in dry rooms. Its great advantage is the low complexity of work.

Adjustable floors - analogue is wooden floors on the logs, but more technological and less labor-intensive to install. Due to its low weight, this type is used on the loggia, although it can be successfully used in living quarters.

That's basically all good luck!

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