How to learn to accept compliments

First, determine how you are accepting compliments at the moment. If you think you are unworthy of them, because there are people who can do something better than you, so you are an unnecessarily modest person. Modesty is not a bad quality, but you need to know the measure of your modesty. Do not force yourself to hide your skills, etc. Stop comparing yourself to others. If someone gives you a positive side, accept it.
If you notice that by accepting a complement, you try to respond in the same way, it means that you want to please the person by sacrificing your feelings, you care too much for those around you. Stop trying to please others, do not dismiss compliments. You are worthy to be celebrated.
Quite often, people mistrust those who give them compliments. They believe that a person pursues his goals, therefore, he tries to flatter. If you treat such people, you are too aggressive and hostile.Of course, compliments can be given for mercenary purposes, but in most cases, people do it completely sincerely. Take compliments if they are given. No need to suspect people of anything just because they do it.
There is no standard way to accept a compliment, it all depends on the situation, the form of presentation and the content of the compliment. If you think you have not done anything unusual, do not expect compliments at all, but receive them, focus not on the content of the compliment, but on the form of the answer to it. Just say �thank you� or note that you value the opinion of the person. Do this even if you do not fully agree with the compliment.
If you are really pleased to hear what you are told, answer in detail. Let the person know that his compliment really means to you. Say, for example, that you get great pleasure from your business and you are pleased that those around you celebrate.
If you are given a compliment, a smile on your face will always be appropriate. Smiling in response, you are already making it clear that you are pleased with the words of the interlocutor. However, one cannot limit oneself to this only, express your gratitude at least with a simple �thank you�, do not be silent.
Give compliments in return, but only when it really is a place. Do it sincerely and with a smile. Be sure to note the reason why you mark a person, people like when their or their work is appreciated. If you want to give a compliment, but do not know what and how to say, do not say anything better.

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