How to learn Sata?

Vladimir Kulinich
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How to learn Sata?

To store information on your personal computer, hard drives are used, which, in turn, are connected to the motherboard with special connectors (connectors). One of these connectors is called SATA. How to learn SATA, our article will tell.

You can simply take the instructions to the motherboard and read this information in it.

First, you need to install the program SiSoft Sandra, Everest or cpu-z, which you can download. Also suitable and other programs of this type, which collect information about the "stuffing" of a personal computer. It is worth remembering that installing additional software will be useful to you for viewing other, not less necessary, information about your PC.

In the case that the Linux operating system is installed, you can run the Tor program - a process manager that shows all processes occurring in the computer without exception.

When your personal computer is idle, and you need to determine the type of SATA, simply remove the cover on the side of the system unit and read all the inscriptions on the labels or the motherboard. Typically, the manufacturer provides such information there.

Now you know how to find out which SATA.

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