How to lead a man?

“We choose, we are chosen. As it often does not match. " In fact, not always a woman in love gets what she wanted. And it is not always an obstacle to achieving the desired is unrequited love: often beloved man simply belongs to another. If this is just a temporary relationship, then the chances that he may be near are, of course, greater. But when a man is married and he still has children, it is not easy to separate him and his wife and take her place. In this article we will talk about how to lead a man away and what basic methods exist for him to give up other relationships.

Perfect lover

This is perhaps the most effective way to get a man, so to speak, “in full possession”. As a rule, if a married person has relations on the side, he is either a born lovellas, or he is not satisfied with something in his family life. Most often it is the latter, so you should find out for sure what exactly he does not like about his wife and why he prefers to spend time with you quite often.

Options can be very much.For example, the wife was grumpy and constantly “sawing” him for any reason, she is not interested in and has nothing to talk about, she’s only interested in money, etc. Of course, don’t be in a hurry to believe all this, since men often simply justify their statements with such statements behavior and try to even please you.

Perhaps this happens unconsciously, but it seems to a man that you will be grateful to him for the fact that he is unhappy in marriage. And, indeed, if he had said the opposite, you would have asked the quite logical question: “Why do you need me?” But if a man actually has such an environment at home, about which he tells you, you must play the role of an ideal lover.

The basic rule is to become the opposite of his wife. If she really showered her husband with reproaches and accusations, be gentle to him, be attentive, often praise him for any little thing. If she is a boring homebody with whom there is nothing to talk about, then you should personify an intellectual person who can support any conversation.

Do not forget about the sexual side of relationships. If the spouse completely satisfied your loved one in bed, he would hardly have decided on treason.So if you are interested in how to get a man out of the family, do not forget about your appearance, wardrobe and erotic underwear. You should always be in shape and not complain about “headaches”.

Gradually, meetings with you and family life will become such a contrast for him that in your relationship he will see only advantages, and at home - solid problems and misunderstanding. This may work in your favor after a while.

Hard methods

If you want to know how to lead a man away, but you do not have the patience and time to wait for the above changes, you can use more severe methods. Immediately it should be said that resorting to them is quite dangerous: you can lose not only the realization of your plans, but also your beloved man forever.

The first is blackmail. You can threaten your loved one that if he is not identified, you will leave him. Even if he feels affection for you and curses his spouse, his final decision is unlikely to please you: in most cases this situation turns into a “return to the family”. This is due to the fact that a man at such moments, as a rule, turns off emotions and chooses a familiar, well-established union.

The second is pregnancy (false or real). Of course, you can fool your loved one, that you are expecting a child, or, even worse, to actually get pregnant. If he wanted children from you, it probably would have happened not so spontaneously, so do not expect delight. On the other hand, if he has children in a marriage, then you are unlikely to awaken the paternal instinct in him that you are counting on.

Methods such as talking to his wife or “frank conversations” with other relatives also will not lead to the goal: it is much better to solve problems with the man himself.

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