How to lay a plinth

Elements of plastic plinth, called clips, are completed together with the dowel and screw. Install the baseboard clip on a flat finished clean floor and slide it tightly to the wall. Pencil on the wall mark the place for the hole. In the marked place, drill a hole with a diameter equal to the corresponding size of the dowel.
Insert the dowel into the hole and screw the clip onto the screw. After all the clips are screwed in this way, gently press them to get a perfectly flat skirting surface.
Plinthfrom MDF, attach to the flat surface of the floor and wall with hook-shaped brackets. Put a plinth tight on them. End sections of the plinth should be closed with plastic plugs, and the corner joints of the plinth should be closed with corners. Attach the wooden plinth with nails and a hammer. Nail the baseboards with nails at the same distance from each other to avoid cracks and kinks.
To attach the plinth to the carpet, mount it already before laying the carpet.Attach the baseboard to the floor surface and wall with glue and screws. Fold the edge of the cover upward and move it under the L-shaped visor. After that, around the perimeter of the room firmly strengthen the cavolan with glue.
When self-laying skirting, carefully measure out the distance for fasteners, calculate the number of skirting, as well as caps and corners for closing. Put the end caps last.

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