How to know the beginning of labor

Try to determine the datechildbirthon the date of ovulation and day of conception. Knowing the number of days of your menstrual cycle, you can estimate, approximately at what time you have ovulation. As a rule, it falls in the middle of the cycle. Some women even feel ovulation, experiencing a aching pain in the lower abdomen. Calculate the middle of the menstrual cycle and add 280 days to this date. This way you will get an estimated date.childbirthby the date of conception.
Follow the arrival of menstruation. Then you will know for sure when it was your last. With this date you can calculate the estimated datechildbirth. To calculate from the first day of menstruation, subtract 3 months, and then add seven days. This will be your estimated date.childbirth. Unfortunately, this method is not very accurate. It is designed for women whose cycle is 28 days. If your cycle is longer, then the birth will come later. Do not use this method if your period does not occur regularly.
Take an ultrasound exam.Even in the very early stages of pregnancy, before the onset of 12 weeks, ultrasound is considered the most accurate method for determining the date of onset.childbirth. Passing the survey, you will receive the exact date of conception and, accordingly, you will be able to calculate when the birth will occur.
You can trust your gynecologist in determining the datechildbirth. But only if you turned to him when the pregnancy was only 3-4 weeks. It is much more difficult to determine the exact duration of pregnancy later. As each child develops individually.
If you have had difficulty determining the estimated datechildbirthin the early stages, you can determine it by feeling the first stirring of the child. In this case, add twenty weeks to this day. This period will help to find out the time.childbirthfor a woman giving birth for the first time. If this is not your first baby, then add 18 weeks.

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