How to install games on samsung

How to install games on Samsung photoSamsung Games

A mobile phone is no longer just a means of communication, but a complete multimedia device. With it, we can perfectly pass the leisure time watching an interesting movie, listening to music or playing. As cell phones evolve, games also evolve - many Samsung phones allow you to play not just two-dimensional, but full-fledged three-dimensional games. To install games, you can use one of the simple ways.


Use your computer to download games to your phone. To do this, you will need a data cable, phone drivers, and synchronization software. Keep in mind that all these components must fit exactly the model of the phone on which you want to install games. In most cases, you will find all of the above with your phone, otherwise use a search engine to find drivers and software. Data cable can also be found in the cellular store.


Install the drivers and synchronization software on your computer. Connect a cell phone and make sure the computer "sees" it. Using the search engine, find specialized sites dedicated to the content for your phone model and download the games you need. Using the synchronization software, copy the downloaded files into the phone's memory. Restart the phone through the computer, and then disconnect the phone from the computer through the “Safely Remove Hardware”.


In case you do not have the opportunity to synchronize, you can download the games you need using the phone's browser. Find the games that you want to download using a computer and enter the link to the file in the phone's browser, then download the game. Of course, you can find the site you need and using your phone, but in this case you spend extra money on browsing the Internet.


You can also download the games you need from your friends' phones. Due to the fact that all Samsung phones have a bluetooth interface, it is possible to transfer data from another phone. All you need is to activate this interface in the settings and ask your friend to transfer the game using a bluetooth connection. Confirm the receipt of the file and wait until the transfer is complete.Save the resulting file in the "game" folder. Now you can easily install games on Samsung phones. Try it.

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