How to have fun wedding: wedding traditions and subtleties of the organization

Wedding is a great celebration. The holiday is not only for the newlyweds, but also for their friends and relatives. Merry wedding event can not do without national traditions, beauty and romance. And of course, when organizing a wedding, fantasy and humor are important. How to organize a wedding so that it becomes the happiest and memorable day in your life and will be discussed further.


The main wedding traditions

To start organizing the wedding day you need to think over the wedding scenario. And here you can not do without wedding traditions and customs.

Most Russian weddings are held on one "traditional" scenario. It is obligatory to buy a bride, who is considered almost the most fun part of the whole event. Bridesmaids and relatives of the bride usually prepare for the ransom and organize contests and invent “tests” for the groom.


Another important tradition is the definition of the head of the family. In the process of painting or at the end of the painting, young people are offered to step simultaneously at the wedding towel. The one of the newlyweds who joined him first and will be the main one in the new family. Another version of this tradition involves eating a wedding caravan without hands. Therefore, whoever bites off a bit more, he will become the head of the family.


Today, no wedding can not do without throwing a bouquet to unmarried friends. And let this tradition appeared on our weddings recently, but it adds a special charm and variety to the traditional celebration. There is also a masculine option, when the groom throws the garter to the unmarried guys, taken off the bride's leg. And, of course, we should not forget about traditional contests and fun, the organization of which, as a rule, takes an honorary toastmaster.


Organization of the wedding: a wedding in person, or the help of an administrator

If you want an unusual wedding, then you can contact the event agency or come up with a creative script yourself. But in truth, it is better to place the heavy burden of organizational issues on the shoulders of an experienced wedding manager - a specialist of a professional wedding agency.He will think over all the subtleties of the wedding: agree with the stylist, order a tuple, take care of the delivery of the bouquet, the decoration of the banquet hall and musical accompaniment. In addition, the manager can adjust the route of the wedding walk, agree with the photographer and the operator, pick up a restaurant, and also tell you where you can save when making the menu. And certainly make up a script for a fun wedding party and think through a variety of competitions.


As for the script of the wedding, its themes can be as varied as your imagination is wide. For example, a creative wedding can be a celebration in the style of “Alice in Wonderland”, a fruit wedding, a party at the Moulin Rouge, a pirate wedding, a wedding in the style of the 60s or 80s. Options - a million! The main thing is to find the strength and desire for their implementation in life. And then your wedding will definitely become the most unusual, fun and memorable!


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