How to grow hydrangea in the garden

Before planting hydrangeas, you need to choose a suitable site. This plant loves light penumbra, so here it will be the place. The area where the sun sets extremely rarely is not suitable for growing hydrangea, since in this case the flowering will be scarce, and in an open sunny place the plant can burn. Hortensia prefers moist soil and quite acidic. This moment is very important to consider when landing. It is the level of soil acidity that determines the color of hydrangea flowers, which may change during the growing season of the plant.

Saplings with a closed root system are planted in a permanent place during the whole spring-summer period. Plant with open roots planted only in the spring. The pit for planting hydrangeas should be at least 40-50 cm in diameter and about 60-70 cm deep. Coniferous litter is placed at the bottom of the planting hole, which allows to increase the acidity of the soil.And the introduction of 1 spoon of colloidal sulfur will keep the desired level of acidity for a long time. In addition, this drug disinfects the roots of the plant. After the plant is planted, it must be watered.

Hydrangea Care

Hydrangea needs abundant watering. Under one adult plant requires about 50 liters of water. After watering, it is recommended to soil the soil to keep the moisture longer, and the weeds do not germinate and do not spoil the decorativeness of the plant.

Faded inflorescences from tree hydrangea are removed. In late autumn, the shoots of a large-leaved hydrangea are pruned, leaving only 10-15 cm. But such pruning is carried out not at once, but distributed for 3 years, removing the shoots gradually.

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