How to give birth to a boy?

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How to give birth to a boy?

Many parents dream of planning the sex of their future child. Some of them want to conceive a son - the heir and support of his father and mother in old age. But how to give birth to a boy if the fertilization of the egg with a sperm cell with a male Y chromosome or female X chromosome occurs randomly? It turns out, nevertheless, some patterns are noticed, the use of which significantly increases the chances of a boy's birth. Most of the national signs and medical recommendations for planning the sex of the future child are based on them.

Conditions for conceiving a boy

For those who want to conceive a son, it is not enough to repeat day after day: �How I want to give birth to a boy!�. After all, the main task is that the "male" sperm with the Y-chromosome first reached the egg cell and ahead of its "female" competitor. We will create suitable conditions for it. It is useful to know that the "male" sperm cell is faster and more active than the "female" one, although it lives less. Necessary for intimacy to occur.Conception Calendarimmediately before ovulation, on the day of ovulation, or a maximum of a day after it.

It is also advisable to deliver the seed as close as possible to the egg cell, for which the man behind position is best suited to others. At the same time during ejaculation the penis should be as deep as possible in the vagina. After sex, it is better for a woman to lie down for a while. It would be nice if the expectant mother experienced an orgasm before ejaculation, because during it an alkaline environment is formed in the vagina, which contributes to the survival of Y-spermatozoa. Before planning to conceive a boy, it is important to draw up a calendar of ovulations and menstruations in order to most accurately predict the day of the next ovulation. By the way, a similar method is popular in Europe, but an auspicious day for conceiving a boy there is tied to monthly ones (12 days before they begin) and also requires accuracy in observations and calculations.

Artificial insemination

The previous method is not 100%, but only increases the chances of conceiving a boy. But artificial insemination in medicine is considered the most effective method to plan the sex of a child, because after fertilization several eggs are selected at once, only the suitable embryo is chosen.

The more often the better

It is believed thatTo conceive a boy�frequent sex is more conducive to the appearance of boys than more moderate sexual relations. The fact is that while the number of Y-spermatozoa in the man's semen increases markedly, respectively, the probability of conceiving a son increases.

Who has the blood "younger"?

Another method is based on blood: which of the parents is younger, that gender will have a child. Since men�s blood is renewed every 4 years, and women�s - after 3 years, it is possible to determine the "age" of the blood by dividing the age of partners and finding a residue. For example, a man is 25 years old, a woman is 23. Then 25: 4 = 6 (remainder 1), 23: 3 = 7 (remainder 2). The man's blood was renewed a year ago, and the woman was 2 years ago, it turns out that the blood of the future father is younger. According to calculations, a boy will be born. But if one of the parents had a major blood loss, the cycle is reset.

We give birth to the table and calendar

In addition, special tables have been developed. One of them is based on blood groups. The bar contains the numbers of the mother�s blood groups, the line of the father, and at the intersection the probable sex of the unborn child. For example, if the father has the third blood group, and the mother has the second, then the �boy� is written at the intersection.Similarly, determine the sex of the futureConception Calendarchild, which is based on the months of birth of the parents, on the basis of which the family number is determined, and then the most favorable months for conceiving a boy. But you can find favorable months depending on the age of the mother, counting from the moment of her conception.

Adherents of the lunar calendar advise to pay attention to the dependence of the sex of the child on the place of the natural satellite of the Earth in the sky, especially since the lunar month coincides in duration with the woman's menstrual cycle. According to the lunar calendar, months when the Moon is in the signs of Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius, Aries, Gemini or Libra are better suited to conceive a boy.

Full diet

According to researchers, on the floor of the unborn childDietmay affect the diet of the parents. To increase the chances of a son being born, proteins (meat, fish, eggs), vegetables rich in vitamins (onions, carrots, beets, etc.) and fruits (apricots, apples, bananas, etc.), as well as dried fruits and nuts should prevail in the menu. , greenery. Alcoholic beverages and smoking are best excluded a few months before conception.

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