How to get sulfur

Large accumulations of native sulfur practically do not occur in nature. It is usually mined from sulfur-containing ores. Long since there were several methods of extraction: thermal, filtration, steam-water, centrifugal and extraction. The oldest of them are thermal, the birthplace of the method has become Italy. In the kingdom of Naples in the 18th centurysulfurmelted in "solfatarah" - heaps. The Italians have so far meltedsulfurin calcaron "- primitive furnaces. But this method is difficult to call effective:sulfurIt is melted using the heat obtained by burning a part of the extracted substance.
Steam and water methods were also invented in Italy. The point is this: sulfur melts and separates from the rock under the pressure of water vapor. After a short sludge, the sulfur is discharged, and the remaining liquid containing the substance re-enters the treatment. This method is otherwise called autoclave in honor of the apparatus, in which the heating takes place under pressure. It is used in many countries, including Russia.Self extractsulfurcan be in various ways, depending on the conditions of occurrence of sulfur-containing rocks.
The most ancient way. Dig a flat-bottomed pot into the ground, put another pot on top, with a bottom in which there is a hole. Place pieces of sulfur-containing rock in the upper pot, down large ones and on the top smaller ones. Be sure to leave voids for traction. Set fire to the breed. Under the action of temperature, the sulfur will melt and drain into the lower pot.
Frash method. It is suitable for the extraction of sulfur occurring at a considerable depth. Install two pipes into the well in such a way that the pipe-to-pipe installation is obtained. Apply hot water to the hole between the pipes. Under the influence of temperature, sulfur will begin to melt and rise through a thin pipe. In order for sulfur to rise more intensively to the surface, it is possible to place another thin tube for supplying compressed air into the space between the pipes.
There are lovers who minesulfur, cleaning matchstick heads. This is necessary for the device homemade "crackers" or fireworks. However, it is worth noting that the composition of the match head itself is only 4.2% sulfur.

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