How to get rid of unbearable toothache?

It is not for nothing that they say that toothache is one of the nastiest and strongest, it is impossible to endure such sensations for a long time, feeling aching, tingling or pulsating notes in one or, even worse, in several teeth, it is necessary to take operational measures to neutralize them.

Of course, the surest option is to immediately go to an appointment with a dentist who, having examined your aching tooth, can as quickly as possible, and most importantly, effectively help your grief.

It is very difficult to tolerate

Remember that prolonged disregard for this problem can lead to serious consequences that can affect not only your jaw, but also your health and even life in general! Of course, this is a completely extreme option, but nevertheless, it is not worth tightening, the sooner you take to treat your teeth, the easier and faster this process will be.

I would like to immediately remind you: in order to avoid such situations or to reduce them as much as possible, it is necessary every six months to undergo an examination by a dentist.

But, that already read morals, the tooth hurts here and now and with this you need to do something. It is difficult to fight with an obsessive idea of ​​what to do in case of severe toothache, and if it is not possible to go to a specialist right now, for example, a tooth has ached in the evening or you are far from civilization, you need to help yourself and ease the symptoms.

Toothache, like any other, is a kind of defense mechanism for your body, it actively signals to you that something is wrong, and severe pain, moreover, indicates to you the need for urgent action.

Why can a toothache occur?

  • The most common cause of pain is the most common caries: the onset of this disease is asymptomatic, but over time there is an acute reaction to temperature, mechanical and chemical effects.
  • The cause of pain can be with pulpitis, most often, they occur in waves, in the form of attacks, especially often at night or when the head is tilted, but, over time, it can pass. During such a disease, a nerve can inflame, which will give rise, over time, painful sensations.
  • “Pulling”, acute and severely disturbing pain may be a consequence of the development of periodontitis. If you put pressure on a tooth, the pain that arises is even stronger than the previous one.
  • Sometimes aching pain, accompanied by inflammation of the surrounding gums, can be a signal of teething wisdom.

First aid for severe pain

If the tooth ached so that there is no strength to endure, then it is urgent to take measures and the first of them, oddly enough, is the most banal: brush your teeth well. This must be done in order to remove all food debris that could be clogged in the resulting hole or between the teeth, which, albeit slightly, will still reduce pain.

Visit your doctor regularly

Next you should rinse the mouth with an antiseptic solution - the old and good remedy is a warm solution of soda, put a teaspoon of soda on a glass of water. Instead of soda solution, you can use the help of folk remedies, which are based on the medicinal properties of certain herbs.

  • The most common remedy that can be used for any toothache and even inflammation of the gums is a common sage.On its basis, a rinse aid is made, which can be prescribed even to small children, because it is absolutely harmless. To do this, you need a tablespoon of grass to pour a glass of boiling water, then boil it on low heat for 10 minutes. Give the broth a little cool, and then thoroughly rinse their mouths, try, as long as possible, to keep the decoction from the patient's tooth. Remember that during the rinse it must be warm, when the broth cools, it will already become unusable and will have to brew a new one.
  • Another way to relieve toothache is to put a piece of fresh unsalted bacon on the aching tooth, with the opposite jaw of it being slightly crushed and chewed.
  • Helps with pain and gruel from onions, salt and garlic. To do this, mix the ingredients in equal amounts, pound them until a homogeneous gruel, and then lay out such medicine on a bad tooth, if there is a hole there, then right into it, and close the cavity with a cotton swab.
  • There is one strange, but nonetheless effective method: to the hand, which is opposite to the side with a bad tooth, to find a place where the pulse of the pulse is felt.This area should be rubbed with a slice of fresh garlic, and then put chopped pieces of garlic under the bandage to the same place, with time, the pain will subside.
  • Sometimes with severe pains, the cold is good to save; just suck a piece of ice or attach it to a bad tooth, you need to repeat the procedure, at least 3-4 times for 15 minutes.

What not to do?

  • It is strictly forbidden to warm the sore side, put compresses and lotions, because such procedures can easily worsen your condition and your sick tooth will be supplemented with a decent flux.
  • After each meal, try to thoroughly brush your teeth so that the rest of the food does not disturb the aching tooth, besides, try not to chew on the sore side.
  • Without a doctor's recommendation, you cannot start taking antibiotics, because this is a very responsible procedure that, without proper attention, can harm your health.

How to help yourself using traditional medicine?

Of course, the best tools that, in most cases, allow you to forget even about the most severe and oppressive pain, are painkillers.

Remember that this is not a medicine,which are able to save you from the disease, but only a temporary measure that can help the sick person to come to a possible visit to a specialist.

Usually in the role of such painkillers are the usual pills, which contain special substances that can reduce toothache, these include: aspirin, analgin, ibuprofen, paracetamol, nimesulide, as well as others.

In pharmacies, you can find and special drugs that are specifically for the removal of toothache. Sometimes after severe treatment of dental problems, doctors prescribe such drugs to drink for a few days so that the healed tooth or gum does not disturb the patient.

Care for your mouth

In addition to tablets, a normal cotton swab that is moistened in valocordin can be a good remedy for pain. Such a "compress" is applied directly to the tooth, they can "plug the hole", if there is one, but make sure that it is completely clean of food debris.

Also, a piece of analgin or any other drug that relieves pain can be applied directly to the sore spot. Remember that these drugs must be taken directly by prescription, not exceeding the maximum dosage.

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