How to get rid of thrush pregnant

During pregnancy, frequent visits by a gynecologist are necessary. Therefore, it makes no sense to invent methods of treatment, just consult on this issue with the doctor who monitors your pregnancy. After taking the tests, the doctor will prescribe and treat. More often, it consists of using local remedies, such as clotrimazole, nystatin suppositories, and metranidozol is sometimes prescribed, if there is still inflammation. In rare cases, oral medications are prescribed, but only if there is no risk of abortion. The duration and intensity of therapy is determined by the specialist based on the general condition of the pregnant woman.
Buy a syringe with a rubber tip, with plastic can not be used. Syringe a decoction of chamomile. Brew 1 tablespoon, boil for 5 minutes, leave for about 30 minutes. Then strain through several layers of gauze (clean).Warm decoction can be washed not only the vaginal cavity, but also use it for washing away. Also take it inside and 50-100 ml 3 times a day. Chamomile will not harm the fetus, as there are no toxic components. Do not forget to consult with a specialist.
Douching can be carried out with a weak solution of soda. For a glass of water you need about 1/4 tsp. But do not get carried away by this, otherwise the mucous membrane of the vagina will begin to dry out, and this will adversely affect natural childbirth. Alkaline water can be used only in the period of severe itching, which is not removed by anything. Soda is not a method of treatment, but only a means to alleviate the condition.
At the subsequent examination, the doctor will again take a smear from the vagina. If the therapy has failed, you will be picked up another treatment.

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