How to get rid of oily skin

Externally, oily skin does not look very healthy, especially at close range: the skin is porous, shiny and often acne. Often, girls compare strongly oily skin with cellulite - and that doesn’t look attractive, and women are always looking for ways to deal with such defects in their appearance. And if you have oily problem skin, then an interesting site will tell you how to deal with this problem.


Maintaining a healthy diet


Often the cause of increased greasiness of the skin is a metabolic disorder, which affects the intensive work of the sebaceous glands. As it is often said, “skin is a mirror of the body’s health”. Accordingly, your appearance eloquently indicates that you need to do their food.



As in every diet and just healthy food, it is recommended to avoid excessively greasy food, fried foods, strongly spicy and seasoned dishes, and, of course, sweets in large doses. You can eat stew, soups on the second broth, vegetables and fruits without restrictions, dairy products.In addition, it is recommended to eat healthy bread - not a loaf and buns, but a non-fermented bran bread or germinated grain.


Drinks should also be revised - give preference to mineral water and juices, give up coffee, choose natural teas, better than green ones - such tea contains a large amount of useful antioxidants.


Recommendations how to care for oily skin



Acne on the skin must be treated separately. After washing, before applying a moisturizer, apply a cotton swab with salicylic acid or benzene peroxide to acne. Very effective against acne tea tree oil and special products containing it in the composition.


How to care for oily skin in the evening



Be sure to wash off the makeup applied during the day, do not go to bed until you wash off the makeup.


Use serums or light night creams.


Oily problem skin day care


Use oily skin wipes to help you remove excess fat from the face. After that, powder, use matting powder with minerals.


Oily skin should be periodically subjected to deep cleaning.For this, there is a mass of scrubs that contain small particles to exfoliate dead cells and clean pores. Often these particles are made from plant ingredients, but artificial grains are used for sensitive skin.

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