How to get rid of facial swelling

How to remove the swelling of the face photoMany people know the picture when you wake up in the morning, and looking in the mirror you notice puffiness on the face. "The day will pass." Many people think so. But tomorrow morning you notice that nothing has changed. And the day after tomorrow, too. Panic begins. Usually in this case, Google or Yandex ask the request "How to get rid of the swelling of the face." The answer as knows what the reasons are, and is ready to help you.


Puffiness of the face causes.



In order to cause puffiness of the face of the cause to look for a long time is not necessary. There are a lot of them. Let's take a closer look at them.


  • Drink plenty of water.Drink plenty, perhaps the main reason that can cause swelling of the face in the morning. The use of a large amount of fluid leads to swelling of the face, which during the day subsides. It should be remembered that the daily rate of fluid intake for a person averages 1.5 liters in winter and up to 3 liters in summer. But in the warm season, the consumption of excess fluid is compensated by excessive perspiration, then this is not observed during the cold season. This leads to the formation of puffiness.At night, the withdrawal of fluid from the body in a natural way, usually does not occur, so it is not always pleasant to see your reflection in the morning. Especially swelling of the face is caused by sugary carbonated drinks with dyes.
  • Hormonal disbalance.It often happens that when hormonal failure in women there is an increase in estrogen level. This leads to fluid retention in the body. Especially often this is observed during menstruation.
  • Genetic predisposition.There are cases of genetic predisposition to the formation of swelling of the face. This is a feature of the body.
  • Diseases.Very often, the appearance of swelling of the face can be an indicator of problems in the work of the kidneys, the thyroid gland, heart failure, or some kind of allergic reactions.
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle.It's all simple. Smoking, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. But also the swelling of the face can be caused not so much unhealthy, but also a wrong way of life. It is a question of an insufficient or bad dream, an inactive way of life.
  • Incorrect food.The retention of water in the body or its excessive consumption can be caused by the consumption of foods that cause thirst. For example, salted or smoked products.It is known that salt strongly retains water in the body and accumulates it in the fatty tissues on the face under the eyes. This list of products can be supplemented with popular seafood today.
  • Age.Over time, the work of the kidneys is not as active as in youth. This leads to the retention of fluid in the body, and as a result of this swelling of the face, the reasons are obvious.


Mask for puffiness of the face.



In order to restore your appearance, the mask from the puffiness of the face can help. The most effective compress for removing puffiness from the eyes and nose is a tea mask. It is prepared as follows. Brewed 2 tea bags. Then get them and cool. Slightly squeeze the bags so that they are not very dry and put them on the eye area. After 10 minutes wash your face with cool water.

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