How to get revenge on the neighbors?


There are many ways to revenge neighbors, it all depends on your imagination and ingenuity, and of anger at dirty tricks. Life is a difficult thing, its foundation is the relationship between people. And more often sore topics become relationships with the other half, at work and, of course, with neighbors. The latter have all.

Simple ways to revenge neighbors

Nowhere do we stay alone, the neighbors seem to have specifically persecuted us and are interfering. They will turn on the music early in the morning, they will take a place in the parking lot, they will fry stinky fish, they will flood the apartment, then they will forget about changing the light bulb in the entrance.

Situations that are annoying can be recalled a lot. And so that life does not become a real torment, arrange your neighbors minor mischief. Consider simple methods of revenge that will help show your neighbors the wrong behavior.

If you have an interesting granny-neighbor, then glue her with a scotch on the door on the door and hang a sign with the inscription "It's not good to spy".

If neighbors constantly interfere with sleep, walk at night, listen to music at full volume, then you can call them to the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station or the tax office.They will constantly call, come with checks. Very soon they will get tired of such attention and stop bothering you.

There is another original way for music lovers and guests. Needles, smeared with superglue, should be inserted into the lock and broken off. The castle will have to be changed, and after a few such cases, it may come to understanding.

How to get revenge on the neighbors?

Another method is putting up ads in the district with the text “A young man wants to make acquaintance with a man to create a family”. Do not forget to write the address of the neighbor. Revenge is quite sophisticated, but you can enjoy the reaction to the emergence of those who wish to start a family.

A more humane method is the sale of housing, cars, etc. Calls will not allow to live in peace for a long time.

How to get revenge on the neighbors from above

If you do not know how to take revenge on your neighbors from above, then these methods will help to deal with the situation:

the old method of knocking on radiators has not gone anywhere and is still working;
An interesting method is to purchase a GSM signal silencer. It makes it impossible to gain access to mobile communications in range. Tell your neighbors that in addition to communication, you can also take the Internet away from them.Perhaps it will work;
Another old way is to cut wires from the doorphone, telephone, antenna, internet, etc. Repeating such actions need more than once;
if you are constantly poured from above, but do not respond to requests at all, then pour water over your bathroom to flood the neighbors from below. Show streams from the ceiling. Perhaps a double onslaught will help calm the "swimmers";
If you have enough money, then the purchase of a high-quality sound system will be an excellent option. Even those who love music will not be able to withstand the loud sound of the speaker.

As for repairs, the situation when a neighbor for months does not allow to live peacefully throughout the house, a lot. And if in the apartment the noise of the perforator and the drill does not subside for a second, then the nerves pass quickly. Here are the most vengeful methods of re-education:

the aforementioned method of selling neighbors' apartments at a low price;
You can invite friends to yourself and sing at full power in karaoke. Be sure to at a time when your violators are at home;
from time to time turn off the light in the panel. If people do not agree to take a break, you can simply turn off the light when you need silence.

How to take revenge on the neighbors below

For those who are looking for ways to take revenge on their neighbors from below, we have prepared the most common and interesting ones:

it is easier for such neighbors to revenge than those on top. Just move the furniture, dance, clean the apartment, jump, turn on the music;
fill them up! Then they will certainly come running, but you can pretend that everything is dry in you;
Pour a raw egg into a syringe, then pour this wonder liquid into the upholstery or door frame. The egg will spread the stench through time. Neighbors will love it.

How to revenge the neighbors for gossip

But it happens that cute and polite neighbors actually interfere with living the whole house, because they spread gossip. So, how to revenge them for it:

in this situation it is better to turn to the law and punish for slander. But to find evidence of this fact is not easy, because many people choose the “eye for an eye” method;
On behalf of the gossipmer, place an announcement of acquaintance with an unequivocal promise. If the slanderer is a man, then you can write that he is looking for a "friend". Such a rumor will not leave him indifferent;
The most courageous decision is the challenge to the confrontation. You must come and demand to prove your gossip.It is better to bring a witness who has heard such words. So slanderers are frightened and are silent in the future that this will not happen again.

How to get revenge on the neighbors?

Not everyone decides to defend their own rights. More often chosen secret ways to revenge.

How to get revenge on a motorist neighbor

This topic is worthy of becoming a major issue for an article on psychiatry. Scratched car, occupied parking space, howl alarm, etc. But how can you take revenge on a motorist neighbor who violates the rules:

A great way to make a hint is a brick by car (you just need to put it). For the first warning this will be enough. You can even spread a newspaper under a pebble to show intentions. If this does not work, then put a brick straight on the machine;
Another option is to sprinkle cars with crumbs and croup. All the birds will gather for a treat, and the typewriter will leave unsightly scratches from claws and beaks. The intruder will quickly become aware of hints;
This method works best of all. Silicate glue is mixed with sand and smeared on the windshield. The glue dries out, but it will not work off, so the neighbor will have to replace the glass, and you can calm down.After this, it is unlikely that someone will understand the hint.

How to get revenge on the cottage neighbors

Yes, and in the cottages are bad neighbors. Then they plant a tree that casts a shadow on your garden, then the pests are planted, then they arrange a party. We offer the most popular ways to get revenge on neighbors in the country:

The simplest method is to disperse herbicide on the gardens of neighbors. Young shoots can not stand such harassment, and the neighbors do not know who did it. In addition, you can pour over the landing and saltpeter. Plant growth from it is impaired;
another option - the destruction of trees. To do this, simply make a hole in the trunk and fill the herbicide;
You can make a tree die by hammering in a copper nail. Just hammer in the trunk, the food will be broken and the tree will wither, and the neighbors will not know the true reasons. The main thing is to act imperceptibly so that you will not be caught;
if country neighbors are not garden lovers, but interfere with constant gatherings, drunkenness and noise, then there is a special way of doing this. In the toilet (which is on the street) throws a pack of yeast. After a couple of hours, they will begin to roam, and for this, there is enough substrate in the toilet.As a result, all this will begin to increase in volume, grow and drain from the toilet with a terrible smell. It's hard to continue the party amid this.

As you can see, there are many ways to revenge. But still, you should always try to find a verbal solution to the problem, and resort to such measures only in extreme cases.

How to solve conflicts with neighbors

But before starting active hostilities, it is better to try to reach an agreement with the neighbors, to try to solve the conflict in words. And you need to conduct a similar conversation, following some rules:

no need to immediately respond to loud noises and punch noise, do not immediately knock on the battery or on the ceiling. First try to talk calmly;
if the noise continues for a long time and annoys you greatly, then contact the violators and try to calmly explain to them that their behavior interferes with other tenants. Sometimes people do not realize that they cause others inconvenience. In this situation, the conversation helps to resolve the issue;

the question of how to repay neighbors without violating the law is decided by law. If they make noise after 10 pm, but do not listen to calm remarks, then call the police, warning neighbors about it.If you are flooded or caused other damage, feel free to write a lawsuit to the court;
even if people are constantly making repairs, listening to music for days, and being active and loud for the rest of the time, you should not think about ways of revenge, but about soundproofing the apartment.

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