How to get a tourism manager

First you need to choose the intended place of work. Take advantage of the Internet and see the sites of various travel agencies. A good site can tell about the age and size of the company, about its main tourist destinations. Pay attention to the type of travel agency. This may be a tour operator company that sells its own destinations and tours. The second type includes travel agents agents. Such enterprises are engaged in sales of foreign tours and have no directions. The third type is the most common - tour operator / agent. Travel agencies sell their own tours and tours of other companies. Walking on the sites of travel agencies, you can find information about vacancies. Some companies post forms of resume forms on the site, which can be filled out and sent to the specified email address. When you send a questionnaire, be sure to call back and make an appointment.
Among travel agencies tour operators there are also large and small enterprises. The work here, though, requires more responsibility and commitment, but it is much more interesting from the point of view of career and financial growth. Mastering the profession of a tourism manager with a tour operator company, you can soon go on an advertising tour. A promotional tour is a business trip to another country. You will have a little rest, but you will learn a lot of interesting things. Without experience as a manager you will not be taken immediately, but it is likely that they will offer a job as an assistant manager. Eh, it's hard work. We'll have to lay out all sorts of papers, call wherever you do not want, bring and carry heavy folders. But at the same time, you will always be in business and will begin to understand what is good enough to earn.
If you are new to tourism, then try to get a tour agency - a company that sells vouchers tour operators. As a rule, these are small enterprises where 5 people work. Getting a job as a manager here is easy if you have vacancies, especially if you have your own travel experience.But even if you did not go anywhere, you can still interest the director of the company. The main thing is that you make an impression of a polite, competent and self-confident person who is able to tell interestingly. Earnings will be small, but learn how to sell well and get valuable experience in tourism, which is useful to you for further career development.
Travel agencies of mixed type - tour operator / tour agent - a great way to start small and achieve heights. Here it is possible to get a job as an assistant manager, as well as a sales manager for agency tours, that is, tours of other travel agencies. Selling permits of other companies, you are less responsible to tourists and your company. And this is only a plus at the initial stage of a career. When you begin to navigate well in each component of the tourist package - major destinations, transfers, flights, hotels, and of course, documents for traveling abroad, you will be offered a more difficult, but interesting, in every sense, occupation and decent pay.
The old stereotype that a career as a tourism manager begins with a courier has long outlived itself.The courier is constantly on the road and he is rarely in the office. So he doesn't have to watch the work of specialists. His activities are completely different from those of a tourism manager.
Helpful advice
Learn English. It is necessary for business correspondence and communication with foreign partners of travel agencies.
Learn to use not only the Internet, but also the main office computer programs for working with documents.
Smile at the interview.

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