How to find out the computer port?

Ekaterina Zhukova
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How to find out the computer port?

A computer port is a special connection for receiving and sending data. But how to find out the computer port? This will help you tips below.

How to check the computer port

There are several ways to check a computer port:

  • Open the command line (you can find it in the �standard programs� section), write the �netstat� command in the console and click on �enter�. You will see the entire list of used ports on your computer, as well as IP addresses.
  • You can specify the task by changing the command, for example, if you type �netstat �a�, you will see all the ports used and all the connections, �netstat �o� will show the identifier of any connection process, �netstat �n� will display the digital values of the ports and real IP addresses. Common aliases and DNS names will be displayed by default.
  • If you want to learn how to check the port on a computer without using the command line, then this method exists: you can download a special utility from the official Microsoft website - TCPView, which, in fact, has the same functionality,only equipped with a graphical interface. Agreeing with the license agreement, you will see all the information in the opened program window. There are other programs that help you see open computer ports, for example, Advanced Port Scanner, etc.
  • Also, to check the port, you can use the services of special Internet services. For example, it is possible to detect such open ports, which could be potentially dangerous, and check one specific port.

Now you know how to find out the computer port. Choose the most convenient way for you and everything will work out.

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