#AT101Live How to Maximize Delta SkyMiles

How to Earn Skymiles Quickly

Three Methods:

Skymiles is a rewards program designed for frequent fliers of Delta Airlines. It is a cost-based program, meaning you gain miles depending on how much you spend. The most common way to earn miles is by flying, but earning miles other ways can be faster, such as by using a Delta credit card or by shopping at a partnered business. Gather up more Skymiles so you can enjoy free flights and other perks.


Utilizing a Skymiles Credit Card

  1. Create a Skymiles account.If you don’t already have a Skymiles account, you can sign up on Delta’s website. You have to have an account number in order to take advantage of ways to rack up Skymiles. Sign up or log into your account at .
    • You will need to provide your name, contact information, a username, and a password.
    • If you already have an account, use the “log in” button at the top of the page. You can find your Skymiles account number there.
  2. Apply for a Delta credit card.The simplest way to earn Skymiles is with a rewards credit card. Any purchases you make with the card nets you Skymiles. You can apply for a card while signing up for your Skymiles account or by visiting .
    • The credit card company checks your credit score before deciding to issue you a card. Your application may be denied.
    • The credit cards come with bonus deals, such as spending 0 in 3 months to earn 5,000 bonus miles.
    • If you already have a rewards-based credit card, check to see if you can transfer the rewards to Skymiles. Some companies like American Express may let you do this.
  3. Use your card to travel with Delta and earn more Skymiles.Although you get Skymiles for traveling normally, you get double rewards for paying with a Delta credit card. Buying the airline’s plane tickets or vacation packages is the most obvious way to cash in, but many other Delta-related purchases count as well.
    • Eligible purchases include items like drinks, meals, audio headsets, Delta Sky Club membership, and connecting flights and shuttles.
    • You can earn 2 Skymiles for every you spend this way.
  4. Pay for regular purchases with your card to earn Skymiles.You gain miles every time you use your card to make a purchase. When you go shopping or go out to eat, charge the expense to your credit card instead of paying a different way. Use the credit card when you get a chance to quickly build up a supply of Skymiles.
    • You get 1 mile for every you spend this way.
    • You can gain extra Skymiles by using the card to buy prepaid debit cards, then turn them into money orders at your bank and deposit them into a banking account.
    • If you have friends and family you trust, use your card to pay their expenses, then have them pay you back.
    • Be sure to log into the credit card company’s website or send them a check to pay the bill. Do this as soon as possible to avoid late fees.

Getting Skymiles While Shopping

  1. Shop online through Delta’s portal if you need everyday items.Delta’s website offers everything from clothing to tax preparation services. These products come from brand-name companies you probably already buy from. Whenever you plan on making a purchase, check the store first to see if you can earn some Skymiles while you’re at it.
    • The store is located at .
    • You can get at least 1 mile for every spent, although some offers give you more miles.
  2. Visit restaurants in Delta’s dining program if you eat out.Go online to Delta’s website to join this program first. Sign up with your Skymiles account number and a credit or debit card. Then, find restaurants in your area that count towards Skymiles rewards. You get more and more rewards every time you visit, so hopefully your favorite restaurants are participating!
    • Sign up for the program and find participating restaurants at .
    • The program rewards you with 5 Skymiles for every you spend. Make sure you use the credit or debit card you signed up with.
    • You can get up to 3,000 bonus Skymiles by spending over at different restaurants and leaving an online review on Delta’s website.
  3. Book car rentals and other services through Delta’s retail partners.Delta currently has a few partner companies in different industries. This includes the ridesharing app Lyft and some car rental companies. They also partner with some flower, wine, and cookie companies, as well as some home energy companies. Buying products from these companies earns you bonus Skymiles.
    • To see the partnered companies, go to .
    • For example, if your natural gas company is listed as a partner, you get Skymiles for paying your gas bill. Go to your account on the company’s website to link your Skymiles account.

Earning Skymiles through Traveling

  1. Book more expensive Delta flights while traveling.You gain Skymiles every time you travel with Delta. Staying loyal to the company and using their services exclusively means more points for you. However, Delta’s system rewards you with a mile for every you spend rather than how far you travel, so keep this in mind.
    • For example, you pay more during busy travel periods such as the in the summer and during holidays, so you earn more Skymiles.
    • You also get Skymiles for additional costs like buying a first-class seat.
    • Keep in mind that fees, including taxes and baggage fees, don’t count towards Skymiles.
  2. Reach medallion status tiers by traveling more often.Delta has a tiered system that rewards you with more miles as you travel using their services. There are 4 levels, from silver to diamond, with each level providing additional perks and Skymiles multipliers. If you don’t make the next tier, your extra miles roll over to the next period to help you maintain your medallion status.
    • You earn medallion rankings automatically as you gain the required amount of Skymiles.
    • For instance, you need 25,000 Skymiles for silver, 50,000 for gold, 75,000 for platinum, and 125,000 for diamond.
    • You begin earning 7 miles per spent at silver, 8 at gold, 9 at platinum, and 11 at platinum.
  3. Fly on partnered airlines when you can’t fly with Delta.Delta is a part of SkyTeam, a collection of 20 different airlines. These airlines have joined together to connect their rewards programs. When booking with these airlines, use a credit or debit card with the same name that’s on your Skymiles account. Also provide your Skymiles account number to get credit for traveling.
    • You get the same amount of Skymiles you would get for traveling via Delta, 1 Skymile for every .
    • SkyTeam includes airlines such as AirFrance and China Airlines. See the airline list at .
    • Partnered flights count towards your medallion status as well.
  4. Book through Delta when you go on vacation.Delta offers all sorts of vacation packages and cruises on their website. You get Skymiles for booking the vacation, along with opportunities to earn bonus miles. The bonus miles come from offers such as selecting a flight and hotel bundle or upgrading to a more expensive cruise room.
    • Taking advantage of hotel and travel bundles may save you money.
    • Skymiles members may also be eligible for bonuses such as reduced rates and free spending money.
  5. Choose a Delta partner when you need a hotel.Gain Skymiles by selecting from the hotels listed on Delta’s website. Some popular hotel chains around the world participate in this program. These hotels may have their own rewards systems you can transfer over for extra Skymiles.
    • View a list of participating hotels at
    • When making a reservation at the hotel, make sure you give them your Skymiles account number.
    • You can also book hotels directly through Delta for instant Skymiles.
  6. Host or rent from Airbnb while you’re away from home.Delta currently has a partnership with Airbnb, a website which allows you to stay in someone else’s residence when you travel. Homes of all sizes are available across the world, some of them cheaper than hotels. You can also earn lots of miles by becoming a host and letting travelers stay in your home.
    • For more information, go to .
    • You get 1 Skymile per you spend. You can also get 1,000 bonus miles and a coupon for your first stay.
    • You can earn up to 25,000 Skymiles for becoming a host.

Community Q&A

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  • The only way to gain Skymiles is to spend money. Delta incentivises you to use their products and services.
  • The Skymiles system rewards you for every you spend, not how far you travel.
  • A Delta credit card can be coupled with other methods, such as buying plane tickets and visiting partnered restaurants, to earn more Skymiles.
  • Consult Delta’s website to find out if a business has a Skymile partnership program with them.


  • As tempting as it can be, be careful not to overspend when using a credit card or chasing Skymiles.
  • Be aware of the risks of using Airbnb. Anyone staying in your home can damage your property.

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