How to earn more in the village?

If you live in a rural area, then there are probably a few affordable and habitual options for earning money. But this does not mean that you need to quickly move to the city. In the village, too, you can earn good money.

Earning options

How to make good money in the village? We offer several options.


Open your own farm is not easy. This requires a lot of effort, time and, of course, money. Therefore, in order not to “go bankrupt”, analyze the sales market in advance and assess the demand, that is, find out whether you will have regular customers, including wholesale customers.

To open a farm, you must:

  1. Decide on a specific type of activity. So, you can breed cows, pigs, chickens, geese and other domestic animals, or you can grow vegetables. The second option is less expensive and time consuming. And you can combine vegetable with livestock.
  2. Prepare the territory, premises: sheds, storage facilities, acreage.
  3. Purchase the necessary equipment, such as greenhouses, milking machines, irrigation devices, feeders, and so on.
  4. Obtain permission from local authorities and prepare the necessary documentation.
  5. Purchase seeds or animals.
  6. Start an activity. If the farm is quite large, it is better to hire assistants.

Animal breeding

It is not necessary to breed cows, chickens and other domestic animals, because you can breed other species. Several variants:

  • Purebred dogs or cats. Breeding them in a residential environment is not easy, but a private house with the adjacent territory is an ideal place. Today such breeds as Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd Dog, Beagle, Bulldog, Husky, Yorkshire Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, Toy Terrier are especially popular and in demand. As for the breeds of cats, the popular Maine Coon, British, Bengal, Abyssinian, Sphynx, Oriental Shorthair and others.
  • Chanschilla. These animals are very expensive and are popular both among animal lovers and among manufacturers of hides. To start breeding, prepare special cages,and also purchase several animals (there should be two or three females for one male).
  • Nutria They are also used to make fur. If you are an opponent of slaughter, then this option is certainly not for you.
  • Aquarium fish. Yes, they are also quite popular, as they are suitable for allergies and are pleasing to the eye. In a private house to breed them is very convenient and profitable.
  • You can breed parrots. And if you immediately teach them human speech, then they will cost much more.

Cultivation of flowers

Selling flowers is a profitable business. And in the village there are all possibilities for such an occupation. Get seeds, saplings, greenhouses and start!


Anyone can do needlework, but doing it in a quiet place is doubly pleasant. You can sew, knit, make crafts from various natural materials. Hand-made products are very popular today.


Bee products are useful and very popular among the population. What you need to open an apiary?

  1. Find a suitable place. Firstly, the area should be spacious and fenced. Secondly, the apiary should be located in a place sufficiently remote from residential buildings.Thirdly, honey plants must grow on the territory, otherwise bees will not produce honey.
  2. Purchase the necessary equipment, namely, beehives and special costumes. You can buy used hives or even rent them (for example, if you want to test yourself in beekeeping and doubt your abilities).
  3. Buy a bee. Some catch them, but it is quite difficult.
  4. Find buyers. It can be either local villagers or urban.

Remote earnings

If your village has access to high-speed Internet, then nothing prevents you from making money using a computer and your intellectual abilities. Earnings options on the Internet:

  • Copywriting or rewriting. You can write texts on a variety of topics. Today, the most relevant are construction, interior design, medicine and health, pregnancy and children, everyday life, family, psychology and others like that.
  • Your own website. If you open the site, you can earn good money, of course, if you develop the resource. At first, the site will practically not generate income, but then it can become very profitable.To make it so, learn all the features of an online business.
  • Content management or, in other words, the filling and development of someone else's site.
  • Own channel in "You Tube". Search and add interesting videos. If the channel becomes popular, you can earn income through advertising.
  • Paid advice. Open your own Internet project and give advice in an industry that is well versed.

Travel business

This may seem strange, but more and more tourists go not to popular cities, but to villages and villages. This trend is called ecotourism and is becoming more and more popular.

And if you build a few simple houses and start renting them out, you will probably be able to earn income all the time. Make a special bias on the original rural features of housing. Place in the stove houses, arrange the bath. And if there is a reservoir next to it, then in summertime you will definitely have guests.

Helpful Tips

A few tips to help increase earnings:

  • It is desirable to have a personal car.
  • Explore the market in advance.
  • Find out which types of services or products are popular in the nearest cities.

Start earning now!

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