How to drink sambuku?

How to drink sambucaSurely you've ever heard of such a drink as sambuca. Its sweet taste and spicy smell conquered people several centuries ago.

At first it was used as a medicine, but then they thoroughly tasted it and decided that it was possible to drink it not only during the illness. So we wanted to enjoy this wonderful drink. Today we will talk about how to drink sambuca.

Sambuca is made in Italy, in the province of Tuscany. One of the largest producers of sambuka is the Molinari company, which keeps the recipe of the drink in the strictest confidence. It is known that it is based on anise seeds and wheat alcohol. The remaining aromatic herbs, which are included in its composition, are known only to the producers themselves.

For many years, people thought that sambuca berries and elderberry flowers (Sambucus) were included in the recipe, which is what the name of the drink came from, but representatives of Molinari claim that elderberry has nothing to do with sambuca.

Therefore, there are several options for the origin of the word Sambuca:


  • At the core lies the Arabic word “zammut”, which means “anise,” an ingredient that certainly exists in sambuca;
  • Perhaps the name is somehow related to the Italian city in the province of Tuscany;
  • It may happen that the name came from the ships on which the drink was brought.

The traditional sambuca - “Sambuca Extra”, invented by Angelo Molinari, has no color. But on the shelves you can stumble upon red, blue and other colors of the drink. Serve it at the end of dinner, closer to the dessert. Sambuca goes well with soft cheeses, olives and sour fruits. You can use it in its own form, as well as in cocktails.


How to drink sambuca

How to drink sambuca
There is one very common myth that sambuka should be set on fire before drinking. In fact, they do it only in Russia. In Italy, you rarely see a burning sambuca brought to a restaurant. Italians simply drink this drink slowly, enjoying its sweet, pleasant taste. Sambuca is pre-cooled and served at the end of the meal. Sometimes it is poured into frozen glasses and in this form is offered to visitors. Very good option for the hot climate of Italy.


How to drink sambuca with grains

And here and so beloved by the Russian people version of “with a twinkle” - a colorful action with the ignition and inhalation of alcohol vapors. To make sambuca with grains, you need to: take a cognac glass (snifter), pour 50 grams of sambuka into it and throw a few coffee beans to the bottom.Sometimes it is said that this sambuka with flies - these insects are reminiscent of floating grains.

How to drink sambuca
Light a drink and put it sideways in a glass of whiskey. The glass needs to be constantly rotated so that the glass does not burst. Then pour the sambuca into the second glass, and cover - the flame will go out. All fumes will rise into the glass with which you covered the drink. Pierce the napkin with a cocktail tube and place a glass on it in which the sambuca was burning. Then liqueur is drunk, and then its vapors are inhaled. This combination can not only pierce the tears, but also knock out the whole spirit.


What to drink sambuca?

Italians often dilute sambuca with cold mineral water. So its taste becomes less sweet, and the dose of alcohol decreases. Experts say that sambuca goes well with cold milk. You can try, maybe you can live to see tomorrow morning.
Sambuca is part of such famous cocktails as “Hiroshima” and “Pink Nipples”.

Cocktail “Hiroshima”:


  • Sambuca - 20 gr.
  • Liquor "Baileys" - 15 gr.
  • Absinthe - 15 gr.
  • Grenadine - 3 drops

How to drink sambuca

Layers spill sambuca and Beilis, in the center of the Grenadine drips. Top add absinthe and set on fire. Drinks through a straw.The syrup settles to the bottom of the glass while attracting liqueur, so the cocktail resembles a miniature nuclear explosion.

Cocktail “Pink Nipples”:


  • Sambuca - 20 gr.
  • Liquor "Baileys" - 20 gr.
  • Cranberry vodka - 20 gr.
  • Grenadine - 2 drops

Pour all the drinks in a tall glass. Need to pour through the knife to get layers. The top layer should be a pink grenadine syrup, it justifies the name of the cocktail.

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