How to dress in the gym

Comfortable well-being and sports mood of the trainee directly depends on the clothes. Of course, in a comfortable sports form you will not become more enduring, but the training will be more pleasant. And it does not matter at all what year of release the model of the sneakers and what is the content of the inscriptions on your T-shirt.
Dress comfortably - so that you can sit down freely, raise your arms, bend over, so that you do not hesitate to sit down, lie down, lift your legs, etc. Shoes should be soft, but elastic, in size and, of course, designed for training. Some bodybuilders choose to workout in gyms slippers and slates. Although it looks quite funny from the outside, but if it is convenient for an athlete - why not. However, for active non-strength training, still prefer sneakers and sneakers.
In sportswear should not be neither cold nor hot - it should be such that if you stand still, it becomes cool. This will encourage not to stop for long breaks during training. This approach will not overheat from intense physical exertion.
Stretched leotards, faded alcoholics T-shirts, family underpants, candid topics, etc. save for home carrying. Clothes with sequins, beads, rhinestones, bugles, shoes with heels, ballet flats and other things not related to sports, leave for other institutions.
If you plan to work out on simulators, to train with weight, you should get leather gloves without fingers. This will protect your hands from chafing and mazole.
Always change clothes before and after your workout.

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