How to draw space in stages for children and beginners - Drawing on the topic of space with watercolor pencil, gouache, paints and a sponge, workshops with photos

RPK-016What and how to draw space, so that the work looked, rich, bright and realistic? You can take the usual simple pencil and by applying light-shadows to make a refined and beautiful work. Or use watercolors and create on a sheet of drawing paper an image of the stars beckoning to the far depths with their cool glow. Or with the help of gouache and acrylic perform a juicy landscape with planets, satellites and space rockets.

For fans of creative there is a more original way - to try to draw a space with a usual kitchen sponge,thus obtaining an almost unique picture of the star-galactic theme ... As you can see, there are a lot of options and they are described in detail in step-by-step master classes with step-by-step instructions, photos and videos available for children and beginners. Choose the most interesting way for yourself and create beautiful picturesque masterpieces for the joy of yourself and your close people.

Drawings on the theme of space for children in pencil in stages, master class

A very beautiful drawing on the theme of space can be done with children, following the advice and recommendations of this master class. Only simple pencils of different stiffness and medium density landscape paper will be required for execution. The finished work will turn out to be realistic and will completely reflect the atmosphere of another planet, to which astronauts have just landed.

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