How to draw a tank in pencil in stages T 34-85, IS 7, Tiger - master classes with photos for beginners. How to draw a child military tank - simple step by step instructions

CST-027The master classes presented in this selection will tell everyone how to draw a military tank in stages with a simple pencil. The job descriptions are given to such well-known and popular models of armored vehicles like the T-34-85, IS-7 and Tiger. For beginners there is a simple and affordable step-by-step lesson on drawing a children's tank. On it, the child will be able to learn the basic principles of image creation, so that later he can easily master more complex tasks.

How to draw a tank for beginners - master-class pencil in stages for children

A simple and affordable children's workshop will tell you how to draw one of the most popular types of military equipment with your own pencil - a real tracked tank. Of course, in this case, the image looks rather conditional, but the kindergarten children with a more serious pattern simply can not cope. But a little practice and, as they say, get your hand on this easy lesson, definitely, it will. The use of compasses for the younger and middle groups is better to exclude. Let 2-4 year olds draw circles on the tracks by hand or circle pre-prepared patterns. But on the other hand, no one will get hurt himself and will not cause accidental injuries to his comrades.


Required materials for a children's phased master class in pencil drawing

  • paper
  • simple pencil hb
  • eraser
  • ruler
  • compasses (or a round-shaped pattern)

Step-by-step instruction how to draw a tank with pencil

  1. A sheet of white album paper mentally split in half horizontally. In the lower part depict the elongated oval, which will serve as the basis for the tracks of the future tank.CST-001
  2. Inside this oval, departing from the contour about 1 centimeter, make another oval, exactly the same as the external one.CST-002
  3. Then, inside the second oval, draw four circles using a compass or a template. The two extreme so that they were slightly higher than those in the middle.CST-003
  4. Draw a very small one inside each large circle.CST-004
  5. Use a ruler and, departing from the upper left edge of the caterpillar for some distance, draw a short oblique line up. Do the same in the back, but there draw a flat line. Then under the ruler connect both long line.CST-005
  6. For the first superstructure above the track, draw a tank cockpit.CST-006
  7. Take a ruler and from the outer curved part of the cabin of the tank to hold at a slight tilt up two straight lines. This will be the trunk.CST-007
  8. From the edge of the barrel depict a small expansion - the barrel for the projectile. If you want to paint a picture with colored pencils or paints.

How to draw a T-34-85 tank in pencil in stages - master class with photos for a child


It is not difficult to draw a Soviet tank T-34-85, considered to be a symbol of the great victory in the Great Patriotic War, in pencil.Especially when there is a detailed master class with a description of the whole process and step-by-step photos. However, the work will require time, accuracy, attention and perseverance, since the model has many specific features and characteristic small details.

Necessary materials for the master class on drawing a military tank T-34-85

  • paper
  • simple pencil hb
  • plain pencil B2
  • eraser

Step-by-step instructions on how to draw a T-34-85 tank with a pencil

  1. In the lower central part of the sheet, draw the basis for the tracks and the hull of the future tank with light strokes. The crawler part should be drawn as an elongated hexagon and divided in the center by a vertical line around which the wheels will then be located. At the top of the tracks, in the side and in front, draw two trapezoidal fragments.CST-009
  2. For the tower in the back of the armored vehicle draw a rectangle with two coiled edges. Connect the outline of the tower with the base with two slightly curved short lines. On the front side, portray a long pipe that will become a cannon for the tank.CST-010
  3. Pay attention to the wheels. The first to draw so that it is exactly in half crossed by a vertical line made at the very beginning.Then to the right from the central wheel to draw two more, and to the left side - two large ones and one slightly smaller one. This will give the drawing a perspective and create the appearance that the back is more distant from the eye than the front. To make the nose more massive, round the mud flaps over the tracks and cut around them with a clearer, more rigid line.CST-011
  4. Slightly raise the lower line between the front tracks and take care of the details. Carefully draw the gas tank, steps and hatch for tankers.CST-012
  5. Refine the base of the cannon by circling it in clear lines. The barrel over the entire length to make a little thinner, and at the very edge to add a small circle, reflecting the depth of the trunk. In the front of the tower to work harder to start the hatch.CST-013
  6. Proceed to the detailed details of the tank. The treads of the tracks should be marked with a tread; circle the wheel bases additionally so that they look more voluminous. Inside to make a bezel, and in the middle, to depict small pins. On the last wheels, select small teeth and paint various small details on the body.CST-014
  7. Use pencil B2 and apply light-shadows that will make the picture more volumetric and realistic.Additionally, walk along the contours of the front of the tank, as if pulling it visually forward. If desired, at the end of a red pencil to draw on the tower of the tank a five-pointed star, emphasizing in this way the technology belongs to the armed forces of a particular state.

How to draw a tank of IS-7 with a pencil in stages - master class and video


IS-7 is one of the most popular models of the Russian tank. Drawing it with a pencil, even relying on information from a phased master class, will be quite difficult, especially for a child. But if one of the adults (parents, older brother or sister, teacher, etc.) joins the work at the stage of detailing, everything will turn out well and the drawing will come out clear, absolutely realistic and fully in line with the current parameters of the armored vehicle.

Necessary materials for the step-by-step figure of the IS-7 tank

  • paper
  • simple pencil hb
  • plain pencil B2
  • eraser

Step-by-step instructions for the child to the master class on drawing IS-7

  1. On a piece of paper to make a preliminary sketch: an elongated rectangle for future caterpillars, and on top of a trapezoidal block for the base.
  2. Next, to depict the tower - half-medium-length, not reaching the end of the base of the tank.
  3. From the facade of the tower draw two flat horizontal lines. In the future, they will turn the gun barrel.
  4. Take a pencil B2 and carefully draw the links of the caterpillar along the entire length of the lowermost rectangle. Remove excess lines with a rubber eraser.
  5. Inside the crawler part, draw nine round wheels - seven at the same level and two at the edges a little higher than all the others. Then carefully draw all the internal parts of the wheels: rims, gears and pins.
  6. Pay attention to details located on the hull and on the tower. From above near the hatch to represent a vertical cannon-machine gun of a smaller caliber.
  7. Carefully work the stem: underline the place of entry of the gun in the turret, on the edge of the muzzle make a wider short nozzle for the departure of the projectile.
  8. Erase all erased lines to remove from the preliminary draft and go along the outer contour of the tank with a pencil B2, so that the armored car looks more clearly and vividly.

How to easily draw a tank Tiger pencil step by step

This lesson details how easy it is to draw a Tiger military tank at home. The work is quite painstaking and requires time, attention and accuracy. But the final result, of course, compensates for all costs, because the model is very realistic and looks exactly like the real one.


The necessary materials for the phased drawing of a military tank Tiger

  • paper
  • simple pencil hb
  • plain pencil B2
  • eraser

A step-by-step instruction on how to easily and quickly draw a model of a Tiger tank with a simple pencil

  1. First, do a sketch to indicate the parameters of the future tank. With light, direct strokes, note the outlines of the hull, caterpillars and towers. The corners do not round out.CST-018
  2. Draw a barrel and a wide, powerful barrel. To clarify the outlines of caterpillars and to work through the body, drawing it in the form of a pair of wide rectangles. The details of the front and the front part of the left caterpillar are more coarse, and the back part must be made somewhat smaller, in order to give the impression of its narrowing into the distance.CST-019
  3. Add on the barrel notches, draw a more clearly moving base, located in the body of the tower. On the tower itself mark the opening hatch.KNT-020
  4. To complete the development of the barrel, to finish all the components of the barrel and the movable mount. On the outer part of the tank, located on the left under the hatch, add thematic details.CST-021
  5. Outline the details of the front end part, mark the silhouette of the protective plates covering the tracked undercarriage.CST-022
  6. Pay attention to the image of the searchlight, add the barrel of the machine gun and all other mandatory details of the tank front. The outlines circle B2 with a pencil so that they come out in front.CST-023
  7. At the wings, clearly draw the border of the front parts of the design and add straight lines, arranging them over the entire area of ​​each wing. Select the caterpillar wheels and give the track some smoothness.CST-024
  8. Engage in tracked panels and make flat side faces on them. Work out the wheels, mark the edges and tightly shade the area under the wings.CST-025
  9. Apply light-shadow on individual parts of the armored car. After that, the tank will become volumetric and will look almost like a real one.

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