How to do makeup smoky ice for green eyes

Choosing shades

For girls with green eyes, a trendy burgundy and brown gamma will do. The shadows of khaki and classic black will also look impressive. Shadows can have a different texture - you can draw a spectacular Smokey with cream, gel or powdery means. To complete the image, eyeliner and mascara are needed - they will add brightness to the makeup.
Classic smoky eyes can be drawn with the help of shadows in a pencil - it is shaded with an applicator, and color transitions are achieved by layer-by-layer application. If you prefer the classic approach, use the shades of three shades - light, medium saturation and dark. Choose the shades in the desired range and carefully shade them for a smooth color transition.Very convenient special kits to create "Smokey-Aiz." A convenient box contains three shades of shadows, a brush and an applicator, and sometimes even eyeliner.

Classic brown makeup

Try to create a spectacular chocolate haze around your green eyes. Select the shadow of the right tone. For warm golden-green eyes soft shades of cocoa and cinnamon are suitable, and for cold gray-green you need more saturated tones of bitter chocolate.Put your eyebrows in order - they will give your face a well-groomed look.
Apply to the mobile eyelid cream or gel base for the shadows. Beat it into the skin with fingertips and let it absorb. On the upper eyelid, apply a light gray-beige shade, shading them towards the eyebrow. Under the eyebrow you can put a light golden or pearl-white highlight.
On a moving eyelid, put a layer of shadows in the color of gravel, cocoa or milk chocolate. Blend them to make the color transition smooth. Put some shadows on the applicator and gently move the lower eyelid. In the outer corner you can increase the intensity of color.
The darkest shade of the shadows - chocolate or black-brown - add to the outer corner of the eye and the fold of the upper eyelid. Rub the lines with an applicator to make the color transition smooth.The outer corner of the lower eyelid is also shaded in dark color.
On the upper eyelid, apply a sulfuric or chocolate brown eyeliner, holding the brush as close as possible to the eyelash growth line. Use a cream or gel eyeliner with the tiniest sparkles - it looks especially expressive. In conclusion, paint the eyelashes with two layers of curl velvet-black mascara. Fashionable smoky makeup for green eyes ready.

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