How to disclose that the guy has no serious intentions?

The phrase “put on a man” is simply the key to our mentality when it comes to the relationship of men and women. We believe that a man is a creature of a kind, but strong, not independent in his decisions and weak-willed as to his feelings. So, a clever girl is able to seduce-bewitch him, having prepared a soup “like a mother’s”, saying a couple of kind words. And all - the candidate is already full of "matured" and wants to if not marry, then certainly meet. And in fact it happens that you spent a few months on soups and sorcery, and he does not live like that, and does not even want to be an official couple. We will not consider the tricky question, why, but we will better analyze how early to disclose a candidate that is unpromising for relations and not to sacrifice precious time for it.

He has plenty of time for entertainment, but not enough for you.

Cooling towards relationships is, by the way, a global trend in general.We have too many different-sized entertainments to find time for the “games of love” as well. So if you feel that you are specifically, albeit politely, pushed into the background after barking, test drives and Pokemon, then there are only two conclusions from this situation: either you are not too interested in a man, or he is now in the period when the lonely carefree life attracts him more.

How to disclose that the guy has no serious intentions?

He doesn't like helping you

He shows you all (maybe even without words) that all these "take me to IKEA" or "help pump the wheel off the bicycle" - this is clearly superfluous, and prefers to be near you, not noticing your problems. A comfortable position for a person who wants to have some fun with a minimum of effort, including physical ones.

He is still sad about his previous novel.

Not a day goes by so that he does not tell you some tearful scene from his romantic past with the former, or he does not release any comment in her favor. In this case, the guy should be more sorry and leave for a while alone, unless you want to stumble upon comparisons with the former and realize that you are trying to drown out feelings from previous relationships that he has not managed to leave in the past.

He is not happy with real dates.

It is not necessary to stand with a rose on one knee in a restaurant on the roof of a skyscraper to demonstrate that you know what the word "romance" means. But you can imagine that a person interested in you will at least be courteous, trying to please you. A creative date requires more imagination and desire than money — it is precisely this factor that you can track down where his intentions are roughly directed.

How to disclose that the guy has no serious intentions?

He is especially persistent in sex.

A date with the prospect of sharing the night "breaks off", and he whines and grieves like a child, who was promised an amusement park, and in fact was forced to do the cleaning of the room. If he is in a relationship for your sake, then such a change of plans will hardly upset him greatly, and if he is in them for sex, then everything is clear.

He prefers to have a lot of secrets.

He is often "a little busy," but at the same time he practically does not share with you what. Know how to distinguish in this case a person who does not like to talk about his work, from a person who is confident in his soul that his life, starting from work and ending with rest, is absolutely none of your business.

He does not introduce you to his surroundings.

His mom and dad do not count, because nowadays both men and women prefer not to rush in order to start “making friends with families” with their half-parents. But if you are diligently kept at a distance from all the people with whom he maintains a close relationship, in the status of “yes here with one friend crossed”, then you can begin to suspect this novel in a short life.

How to disclose that the guy has no serious intentions?

The fact of the presence of your belongings in his territory does not please him at all

Is it worth waiting for something more if your toothbrush and a separate towel in his bathroom have already caused such a reaction, as if someone is preparing a plan for the military occupation of his sacred odnushka.

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