Obesity is diagnosed with a body mass index (BMI) of more than 30 kg / m². Hormonal background, metabolism and heredity affect the distribution of excess adipose tissue. Women and men, young and old in different ways. There are two main types of obesity:

  • abdominal;

  • femoral-buttock.

How to determine the type of obesity

In order to determine the type of obesity, it is necessary to measure the circumference of the waist and hips with a measuring tape. The waist is evaluated along a horizontal line in the middle between the edges of the costal arch and the crests of the iliac bones. The hips are measured at the maximum protruding points of the buttocks. Further, the obtained value of the waist circumference is divided by the value of the hip circumference. If the result is more than one in a man or more than 0.85 in a woman, then it is legitimate to speak of abdominal obesity. If the numbers are less, then the patient has a femoral-buttock type.

Type of obesity and metabolism

Abdominal obesity is evidence of insulin resistance.This condition is due to hereditary receptor failure. Very often, abdominal obesity is accompanied by arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterolemia, polycystic ovary. To normalize the metabolism requires a low-calorie diet, exercise and drug therapy. The drug of choice is metformin.

Femoral-buttock obesity often occurs in women of reproductive age. Lipid and carbohydrate metabolism in this type of disease most often do not suffer. Patients have osteoporosis, venous insufficiency, arthrosis. Treatment is primarily aimed at correcting eating behavior. Of the drugs can be recommended orlistat, sibutramine.

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