How to determine the processor clock frequency

You will need
  • - Clock Gen.
The total frequency of the CPU is obtained by multiplying the multiplier by the frequency of the CPU bus. Naturally, to improve processor performance, you can change both of these indicators. Try this procedure using Clock Gen. Install and run this application.
This utility allows you to change only the frequency of the bus, but this method is the most effective and safe. Change the position of the slider to increase the frequency of the tire by several tens of Hertz. Click the Test button and see the CPU performance data. If the program has not identified failures, then click Save. Repeat this cycle to achieve optimal processor state.
The disadvantage of the Clock Gen utility is that it cannot change the voltage applied to the CPU. This may adversely affect its operation and even lead to an emergency shutdown of the PC. Go to the BIOS menu, restarting the computer.Press the Ctrl and F1 keys to access additional menus.
Go to the Advanced Chipset Configuration menu. Find the item that is responsible for the voltage of the CPU, usually called CPU Voltage. Increase voltage by 0.2 volts. This menu allows you to change other characteristics of the processor.
Change the bus frequency and press the F10 key to save the operating parameters of the CPU. After the computer restarts, open the Clock Gen program and perform a processor stability test. Increasing the clock frequency of the bus makes it possible to increase the performance of RAM. If you change only the CPU multiplier, then you are unlikely to significantly improve the quality of the RAM even after the timings decrease. Be sure to periodically check the status of the CPU to avoid potential problems.

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