How to destroy a file

You will need
  • Unlocker software.
When deleting a file in the Windows XP operating system, sometimes the message "The file cannot be deleted because it is occupied by the application" appears on the screen. So it turns out that the file may not run at all, but this message will still appear. First you need to check whether it is really not running? Some programs that are on the system startup list, and therefore are loaded to work with files, can use them.
To test such programs, you must run the system configuration utility MSConfig. To launch it, click the Start menu, select Run. In the window that opens, enter the msconfig command and click "OK."
You will see the main program window. Go to the "Startup" tab and check all the programs that can be launched at system startup. For example, programs for working with disk images, as a rule, when starting the system, mount the disk image into the drive.It can also be caused by any program that launches anyof files.
If such programs are in the startup list, uncheck the box next to each such program and click the "Apply" button. In the dialog box that appears, select "Restart Now". As a rule, after rebooting, the desired file can be deleted easily and simply.
If the above method did not help you, use the help of a small (in size) Unlocker utility. After its installation, it is enough to call the context menu of a file that does not want to be deleted by right-clicking on the icon and selecting the Unlocker item (image of a magic wand). In the window that opens, this utility will indicate the process that blocks this file.

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