How to deal with nestoyakom?

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  • Avatar

    November 22 at 5:34 pm |

    What about alicaps? Tried it? It was just he who helped me in his time. He was also sleeping poorly, and after the second capsule he normalized everything. Now everything is cool in sex, it's like iron.

    • AvatarTheodore

      November 23 at 10:45 |

      No, that's just not tried it. Strangely, of course, it only came to pass-how many times he saw it, but took something else in the end.

      • Avatar

        November 23 at 1:04 pm |

        Exactly. He is in every pharmacy, probably happens. Go for it. And as said above, everything will be fine. And soon absolutely.

  • AvatarTheodore

    November 22 at 5:19 pm |

    If you still know when it will be normal ... But it can grow old, while I wait.

  • AvatarArturo

    November 22 at 5:12 pm |

    Yes, this question stirs the minds. It can be said, burning in our difficult times. Personally, I can not advise anything, only support. Everything will be fine.

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