How to cut MDF?

The problem is that you need to cut the figure, not exactly. Wherever I applied, they refused to give me this, saying that they would cut it off without any problems, and how I want it, it will not work that way. I am making furniture for myself, I have been looking for 2 weeks where to cut MDF in St. Petersburg, tell me!
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Answered 1 April 10:50
Strange, maybe you have a very large thickness, usually without problems cut with a grinder with a cutting wheel or electric jigsaw. I also did the kitchen, so I cut it right in the store, everything I wanted.
Answered on April 1, 11:07
According to reviews, it is most convenient to cut the laser, as there will be no kinks and deformation of the material. I did not try it myself, but I studied the information, as soon I will have to cut the tree under the kitchen. In St. Petersburg, laser cutting of plywood, MDF and anything else can be done here. You can cut at least a couple of sheets, but you can a lot. Look at the gallery of works, very beautiful cut.
Answered 1 April 11:11
By the way, yes, we also ordered laser cutting on plywood, made medalnitsa girls as a gift for the competition. It turned out very stylish and unusual.For the price, inexpensive.

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