How to cure worms?

Lilya Mayak
Lilya Mayak
January 12, 2015
How to cure worms?

Worms not only give their “owners” a lot of inconvenience, but literally suck out all the juices from the body. If the worms hit your body, then consider that you will feed the parasites until you get rid of them forever. In detail to find out what they are, you can from our article How the worms look. And in this article we will explain how to cure worms.

Key recommendations

The danger of helminths also lies in the fact that they are well masked and their presence in the human body can be asymptomatic for a long time. Characteristic signs most often are itching in the anus and gnashing of teeth during sleep. On the diagnosis of worms, read our article How to find out if there are worms.

After the specialist establishes the presence of worms and their appearance, he usually prescribes anthelmintic drugs directed against a particular type of parasite. For example, in the presence of roundworms, Vermox and Gelmintoks are used, Fenasal helps against intestinal tapeworms, and Nemozol is used to get rid of many types of worms.

But such therapy is not enough, so you should additionally take vitamins, enzymes and agents that enhance immunity. Many doctors recommend the use of drugs that have a beneficial effect on bile secretion and intestinal motility. You will learn more about anti-worming drugs in our article What are the worms pills.

During the period of treatment, it is recommended to eat garlic and onions in raw form as often as possible, which can not only destroy the parasites, but also strengthen the immune system. It is very important to prevent re-infection, so you should follow the rules of hygiene and avoid what may be its source. The list of rules includes, first of all, compulsory hand washing before eating, preventive measures for pets, as well as thorough washing and heat treatment of meat products, vegetables and fruits.

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